Calgary Food Bank city wide drive

September 10-15, 2007

Nathan Johnson Chief Scout project. 

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Willow Park Team Members

Tom Elford, Garett Herget, Darren Stone, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Jocelyn Johnson - Mom
Nathan Johnson, Benjamin Burndorfer, Matt Vance, Matt Swerid, Lucas Pereira, Mateus Pereira  ....  - Scout

Photo Library

DSC00848.JPG (3105214 bytes) Collection day starts out as a nice sunny morning DSC00845.JPG (2918125 bytes) This could be tricky, I'll throw him a Worthers to distract him and snatch that bag... DSC00846.JPG (3251543 bytes) Is he following me? DSC00847.JPG (3006873 bytes) ah, no sweat, a clean get away. A guy could get his arm scratched off you know.
IMG_3530.JPG (940551 bytes) Piece of cake here, not even a dog on this street. IMG_3531.JPG (726534 bytes) Not sure if this bags going to hold out??!!    
DSC00851.JPG (2797843 bytes) Base team to greet us with huge empty boxes. DSC00852.JPG (3219177 bytes) Garett's family bringing in their haul. DSC00850.JPG (2947871 bytes) Ben unloading Arny's truck. DSC00849.JPG (2847333 bytes) Takes a lot to fill one of these boxes!
DSC00853.JPG (3235942 bytes) Everyone helps. DSC00854.JPG (3359083 bytes) The warm handshake of appreciation.