Food Drive - Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank Society

September 12-16, 2006

This was the 2nd Calgary wide LDS food drive. Boys went out with their family and neighborhood friends and handed out the bags and then collected the filled bags. 

This year the Calgary South Stake collected 61, 450 lbs.  All together they collected 316,946 lbs of food valued at an estimated $633,892.00 

If you would like to check out the  Food bank's site you should visit:


Willow Park Team Members

Donna Spackman - Project leader/coordinator
Ben Burndorfer, Jordan Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Zachary Peterson,  Matt Vance, Eli Elford, Matt Swerid - Scouts

Photo Library

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The bags and note
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A car full of groceries

Loading the boxes
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The offical Logo
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