Food Drive - Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank Society

August 18,21, 2003

This annual family event is hosted by the Maple Ridge Ward. Clara Neville co-ordinates the event and encourages the scouts to work together with their families by taking on a route in the neighbourhood.  The event is split over two days, one to drop off the bags with the attached note, the other to pick up the groceries. Calgary Inter-faith Food Bank Society brought the big truck and families dropped off their loads. Great treats and refreshments were provided at the end of the event.  

They have a website you should visit:


Maple Ridge / Willow Park Team Members

Clara Neville - Project leader/coordinator
Mitch Sherwood, Jordan Johnson, Jordan Crane, Logan McNaughton,  Matt Vance, Robbie Cocker, Matt Swerid - Scouts

Photo Library

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The bags and note
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A car full of groceries
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Loading the truck
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The offical Logo
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Sign this boy up for Safeways
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Lots more room to go.
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The refreshment table
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Another Family arrives
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