1st Aid - Stake Training

April 13, 2013.  

Stake put on a nice training event for our boys. They were able to pass off their 1st Aid badge at the end of this. 

Been a while since I took this and they have changes. ABC is now CAB.  With CPR sped up to 30 chest compressions a minute.  

All you can eat pizza at the end. This was so worth it. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Kendall Cahoon - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. R.J. Laigo,  Jacob Kellestine, Seth Ek, Tayson ? - Scouts

Photo Library 

IMG_2029.JPG (2699766 bytes) RJ all braced up. IMG_2030.JPG (3249781 bytes) Splits all over this guy. IMG_2032.JPG (2624159 bytes) How fast can Houdini get out of these... IMG_2033.JPG (2643016 bytes) I'm certified now folks.