Bike Repair night / Fish Creek

Wednesday, 23 & Saturday 26 April 2014. 

Glen Buchanan, an avid bike enthusiast, provided a great training event for our scouts. They were able to:

adjust seats and handlebars, 
repair a flat tire
lube a chain and cables, 
adjust brake cables to maintain good working brakes
convert a rusty 5 speed derailleur into a working 1 speed bike

Not bad for 1 evening. He did have some help of course from all the other leaders. 

Our weather forecast for our Saturday bike hike was sounding challenging. 6-14 cm snow, high of +6.  But when Saturday came there were still plenty of hearty scouts ready to go at the Bow Valley Ranch parking lot. 

We brought in some friends as well. Couple of co-workers from Sierra, Denys and Liming. Liming brought along his son Adam as well. 

We had a great lunch, Matt brought along some South African sausage and I have made a visit to the Pol-Can deli. So no shortage of wieners and sausages. Had some cheeses and basic condiments like horse radish, fancy mustards etc. 

On the ride home we found 3 out of 4 Geo-chaches and ended up with a British Pound and some pence, We traded with the  rubber figures Jason brought. 


Journalist - Riley
Meal - RJ, Josh, me

Repair-shop Team Members

Glen Buchanan, Dave Proctor, Darren Stone, David Crane, Nigel Kennett, Matt Wilde, Karl Burndorfer  - Scout Leaders
Matt ?, Blake Gorner, Tayson Saravia, RJ Laigo, Michael Laigo, Isaac Gagnon, Devin Obha,  Preston Layton, Javon Falconer, Sam Erasmus, Riley Aneca - Scouts with bikes
 Josh Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Jace Nelson, Austin Smith, Duke Buchanan - Scouts without bikes

Bike Hike Team Members

Jason Smith, Nigel Kennett, Matt Wilde, Karl Burndorfer  - Scout Leaders
Preston Layton, Javon Falconer, Austin Smith, Sam Erasmus, Riley Aneca - Scouts

Photo Library 

DSCN3446.JPG (4329009 bytes) Cover a bit of safety DSCN3447.JPG (4372340 bytes) And now into basic repairs. Anyone got a flat tire? DSCN3448.JPG (4314870 bytes) This is a real tricky overhaul on removing a badly rusted derailleur.   DSCN3449.JPG (3848835 bytes) Definitely need some special tools for this job. 
DSCN3457.JPG (4212980 bytes) Here's the surgically removed parts. DSCN3451.JPG (4340957 bytes) Test driving some of those seat adjustments. DSCN3452.JPG (4249675 bytes) Trying to loosen up the gear changers. Bit of rust making it hard to rotate. DSCN3453.JPG (4146962 bytes) Maybe if I workout with hand grips it will get easier. 
DSCN3454.JPG (3849250 bytes) So how is the new 1 speed? DSCN3455.JPG (4317491 bytes) Seems to be working. DSCN3450.JPG (4268974 bytes) I need to get these handle bars tightened.  No problem with the right Allen wrench.  DSCN3456.JPG (3764191 bytes) Still a bit more tightening.
DSCN3458.JPG (3714368 bytes) Sam comes to visit and get use of a few tools to make a few small adjustments. DSCN3459.JPG (3665148 bytes) Chain still holding. That Dave sure knows how to fix them.  DSCN3460.JPG (3931620 bytes) You like the bmx bikes better? DSCN3461.JPG (3592694 bytes) Time to go home now that we're all bike machanics.
Testing out those tuned up bikes      
DSCN3462.JPG (3657357 bytes) Hard to believe I still need my winter mitts. DSCN3463.JPG (3978217 bytes) Getting that last bike off. These racks are sweet! DSCN3464.JPG (3997747 bytes) Getting snow flakes in my eyes man.  DSCN3465.JPG (4176305 bytes) So do mountain bike tires do for snow tires?
DSCN3466.JPG (4370045 bytes) Make sure you bring some emergency tools. Pump, Check. DSCN3467.JPG (4170496 bytes) Our visitors arrive DSCN3468.JPG (4058278 bytes) Liming making a few adjustments for his son's bike. DSCN3469.JPG (4833654 bytes) We're ready, lets go.
DSCN3470.JPG (4621110 bytes) We can beat this, yea! DSCN3471.JPG (4100437 bytes) Road conditions are still pretty good. DSCN3472.JPG (4247629 bytes) Gee Nigel, people are going to think it's really not that cold out.  IMG_2639.JPG (2535706 bytes) Getting into a nice dry shelter.
DSCN3473.JPG (4209593 bytes) Meeting up with Sam and Preston at Grenfield. DSCN3474.JPG (4225521 bytes) Everyone is holding up well. DSCN3475.JPG (4264651 bytes) Except for Nigel, I have to go back and see if we can fix the bike he borrowed.  
DSCN3476.JPG (4232208 bytes) To cook all that sausage, you need a good sized fire. DSCN3477.JPG (4206542 bytes) Start spreading out the food. DSCN3478.JPG (4665371 bytes) Woods almost all used up already? DSCN3479.JPG (4960821 bytes) Should be good. just need a bit of fanning on this fire.
IMG_2641.JPG (2819099 bytes) Start off with some polish varieties. IMG_2646.JPG (2818528 bytes) These ate quite good! IMG_2645.JPG (3609328 bytes)  Now we'll get into the South African variety! IMG_2642.JPG (3344712 bytes) Lekker man! I could easily eat a couple more of these...
IMG_2643.JPG (2607640 bytes) Now into Cinnamon buns IMG_2644.JPG (2764722 bytes) Food was great, but it might be harder going back now!    
Trip Home      
IMG_20140426_121017.jpg (2137316 bytes) We find our 1st Geo-Cache IMG_20140426_122018.jpg (1913590 bytes) Some interesting stuff in there.  IMG_20140426_130414.jpg (2373888 bytes) Just hop the fence, Preston! IMG_20140426_130431.jpg (2102004 bytes) Checking out a small mudslide. Environmentalist check this kind of stuff out.  
IMG_20140426_130436.jpg (1831897 bytes)Not so easy getting out of one of these IMG_20140426_130503.jpg (1836578 bytes) Team work wins the day. IMG_20140426_130632.jpg (2076821 bytes) Smart horses always rear-up when you approach a cliff.  IMG_20140426_130713.jpg (1700050 bytes) So where's the real bike path?
IMG_20140426_131719.jpg (673942 bytes) Our attempt at flushing out some deer. 4 of them. not bad. 1 Grouse too, but he didn't hang around for the picture. IMG_20140426_132412.jpg (1432624 bytes) Finally, nice pavement. IMG_20140426_135741.jpg (2188249 bytes) Who would of thought we could catch in an art show too.