Mountain Biking - Fish Creek

Sept 3, 2002

This was our opening outing. Then boys climbed on their bikes and we left the chapel and bikes to the park via Acadia drive. Once at the intersection of Canyon meadows we dropped down into the park blazing passed many a deer, rabbit and squirrel. We navigated through the maze of paths and finally made it to Bebo Grove. There, with our expertise in scouting skills, we whipped up a fire and had winners roasted, eaten and well into the marshmallow desert inside of 15 minutes. The sun was starting to so hustled it back before things got too dark on the trail. But unfortunately we had a problem. See photo library for details.


Complete Log of Events

Team Members

 Karl Burndorfer, Ben Vance, Kim Orth - Adult Leaders
Matt Swerid (New guy), Mitch Sherwood, Jordan Crane, Logan McNaughton, Jordan Johnson, Tyler Vance, Mathew Vance - Scouts

Photo Library