Fish Creek - Environment Project

To achieve my Chief Scout Award, I needed to plan an environmental activity.  I chose to contact the Friends of Fish Creek. Friends of Fish Creek is a group of that organizes support services of environmental learning for students, 2 major river cleanups every year and participates in many park projects. Their Board of Directors is volunteer; they are elected each year and the group meets one day every month at the Bow Valley Ranch visitor centre.  I inquired as to where we should go to remove garbage from the Provincial Park and they told me we could choose anywhere. I was told to leave the garbage by any dumpster, but we chose to remove it from the park.  My scout troop needed to do our part to fight pollution and global warming so, on Tuesday evening, we all went. There were about 10 scouts ands we were able to collect two full garbage bags.  To encourage the boys to pick up, some of the leaders said they had found money.  This worked like a charm... for a while.  Some people complained, but others jumped to it.

I think doing a service project leaves you with a good feeling and this one, in particular, taught the guys to respect nature and the environment.  I hope that by doing this, the scouts in my troop will be more aware of where they put their garbage as they walk the pathways.

This also helped preserve the beauty of the park and continued safety of the animals.


The troop meet at 7:00 pm and started at Acadia Drive and Canyon Meadows Drive. We cleaned to almost MacLeod Trail and headed back. The Street lights made it possible to work a bit longer as the days were getting shorter. 

Special Thanks to...

Kristin Dyer, director of volunteers - Friends of Fish Creek.
telephone, at 238-3841
web site

Team Members

Jordan Crane - Project Leaders
Darren Taylor, Karl Burndorfer - Adult Leaders
Jordan Crane, Darren Gardner, Elliot Mihaljevich, ... - Scouts

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