Fish Creek - Bebo Grove, Service Project

June 1998

This was the first project the Burndorfer family got involved with coming to the Willow Park ward. Ward got the project together and invited the scouts and their families to participate. The Park staff wanted an old heavy log fence removed along the entrance roadway to Bebo Grove in Fish Creek Park.  


Complete Log of Events

Willow Park Team Members

Wally Zaugg, Mike Lee, Allan Brown & Parry Ellingson - Event Leaders
Marlin Snider, Robert Morton, Mike Wozniak, Hugo Pitoors, Dave Crutcher, Karl Burndorfer - Fathers
PA, Peter Roth, Strider Zobell, Michael Carrier, Lyle Wilmont - Scouts
Bill Hurd's granddaughter and Robert Morton's daughter - Girls

Picture Gallery:

The eager crew arrives at the site. 
p2.jpg (879153 bytes)
Crew chief telling the boys how to do it.
p3.jpg (921898 bytes)
Give the boys their motivational speech...
p4.jpg (625742 bytes)
and they're off. Are there bugs on those logs?
p5.jpg (654865 bytes)
I'll take the heavy end there for ya, son.
p6.jpg (664037 bytes)
No, No, this side of the tree, OK.
p7.jpg (612246 bytes)
Uphill is definitely harder.
p8.jpg (603109 bytes)
Shade is good.
Job Done!