Field Dressing - New Brighton leaders pass on the skill

November 4, 2015

Every boys scout should know a thing or two about survival. Never know when you'll have to use hunting to provide a meal or a pelt for clothing. It's usually harder than it looks, and it's important to be trained by experience individuals. Russ and Matt are just those individuals. They had just take down a couple of deer, Russ's staff we benefiting this time, getting some free meat for their freezers. 

Team Members

Russ & Matt - NB Leaders
Boys - from WP, NB and MK troops 

Photo Library

Boys had been shown how to pull off the pelt to keep it in one piece.      
IMG_3789.JPG (2735518 bytes) Lots of slicing and pulling to get the pelt down. IMG_3790.JPG (2594614 bytes) Gets tough near the ends. IMG_3791.JPG (2166267 bytes) Lot of help holding the deer. IMG_3792.JPG (2730898 bytes) Some instructions around where to run the knife to pull the pelt off easier.
IMG_3793.JPG (2826096 bytes) Getting the hang of it. IMG_3794.JPG (2356091 bytes) It's working... IMG_3795.JPG (2703488 bytes) Need a couple more hands to pull down. IMG_3796.JPG (2232268 bytes) Almost over the head.
IMG_3797.JPG (2003557 bytes) More instructions... IMG_3798.JPG (2060039 bytes) Would you like the head to mount as a trophy? IMG_3799.JPG (2111193 bytes) Maybe a bit small for that Trophy category. IMG_3800.JPG (2074677 bytes) A full pelt that you could make a coat out of.
IMG_3801.JPG (2256322 bytes) Some additional uses for the different parts. This could be used on a door for a coat hook. IMG_3802.JPG (2355061 bytes) What do you think mom, can I have a deer foot coat hook on my bedroom door? IMG_3803.JPG (2054212 bytes) Now that the pelts are off, we're ready to remove the different cuts of meat. IMG_3804.JPG (2002339 bytes) The tenderloins are on the table and ready to be cut.
IMG_3805.JPG (2766154 bytes) I'm visualizing steak... IMG_3806.JPG (2090773 bytes) As you slice the meat there is a casing you may want to cut off. IMG_3807.JPG (2103567 bytes) Mapping grocery meat cuts back to the animal.  
Putting the samples cuts on the Barbee The deer were mostly grain fed as they graze around farm fields. Taste just like beef. Russ indicated there was no gamy taste with the deer they get, as almost all the hunting areas have farms around them.  
IMG_3808.JPG (2790434 bytes) Now over to the barbee with some magic seasonings IMG_3809.JPG (2318750 bytes) These are almost done. IMG_3810.JPG (2269151 bytes) Maybe I could become a butcher. IMG_3811.JPG (2138608 bytes) We could open my own butcher shop.