Fence Repair Night - Service

November 03, 2021

Rona Kennedy has a fence that was starting to fall over. The boys were keen to pickup a demolition service project. Using Power tools was the highlight and we did step on a couple of nails.  

Team Members

Ashton, Ephraim, Bowen, Chris, Philip, Jack, Ike, Lucius, Hayden - Young men
Parks, Karl, Daniel, Jason, Rob, Bishop - Leaders
20211103_192206.jpg (7863490 bytes) Sawsall in action. 20211103_192215.jpg (5871807 bytes) Two guys hold the fence up one guy cuts  20211103_192227.jpg (5692271 bytes) Crew foreman watch the progress 20211103_192230.jpg (5464060 bytes) Getting some big pieces out now.
20211103_193856.jpg (6431273 bytes) Now the piddle work of pulling nails 20211103_193936.jpg (7313409 bytes) Need the flashlights for this 20211103_193952.jpg (6235408 bytes) Elevate the work to prevent the sore backs 20211103_194003.jpg (5945812 bytes) the last nail. Job's done