Father & Son - Spackman Ranch

Photo Library - June 13, 2003

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Check out those kites
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Steady, don't look down
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Does it look dangerous?
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Strictly for armatures
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In arrow making you need to find a pointy stick
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Top of the hill
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That spec is an Eagle.
Bald Eagle
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There he goes
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I don't want to eat grass
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Ok! your bugging me now.  Jordan, take him out!
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Smoke gets in your eyes
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This is what it's all about
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OK I'm with you this time
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I am the lite and the way. Follow me, into the bush 
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In case the lite goes out your coming dad
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The hyper effect. Comes from eating to many colored marshmallows
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Bears sleep at night, right?
101-0120_IMG.JPG (771034 bytes)Bright Lite, I can't see anything else. 101-0121_IMG.JPG (827329 bytes)A mans got to do what a mans got to do. 101-0122_IMG.JPG (928163 bytes)
Peewee League hammer throw
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A new mark has been set
101-0124_IMG.JPG (939919 bytes)
heavy hitter, move back
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New technique here
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Can I walk down to where it should go?
101-0127_IMG.JPG (701967 bytes)
Tyler uses his telekinesis power to levitate the hammer down
101-0128_IMG.JPG (766163 bytes)
Here we have a single handed nonchalant toss. Nothing to it boys
101-0129_IMG.JPG (779079 bytes)
I'll try the javelin throw technique
101-0130_IMG.JPG (723869 bytes)
I can't stop spinning
101-0131_IMG.JPG (688967 bytes)
More of the telekinetic stuff. Make it come down Logan
101-0132_IMG.JPG (753524 bytes)Check the follow through style and agile foot placement 101-0133_IMG.JPG (880733 bytes)
Ehh, this is heavy!
101-0134_IMG.JPG (795828 bytes)
Yup, just whip that baby down like so!
101-0135_IMG.JPG (836691 bytes)
So rolling itdown isn't a real good technique either.
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Where'd it go guys?
101-0137_IMG.JPG (888746 bytes)
Hammer retrieval, Tom Sawyer approach
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Hey, soup bones for dinner
101-0139_IMG.JPG (1344561 bytes)
Forget the soup, I'm hungry now.
101-0140_IMG.JPG (1523283 bytes)
Gee, I didn't know you could sleep standing up.
101-0141_IMG.JPG (1658152 bytes)
Julio, after only 3 colors marshmallows
101-0142_IMG.JPG (1460437 bytes)
This ride making me sick, what will I do when stampede comes?
101-0143_IMG.JPG (1556303 bytes)
Control, you can keep it down.
101-0144_IMG.JPG (1646057 bytes)
Hey Logan, lets trade guns, you take my little water cups
101-0145_IMG.JPG (1416731 bytes)
Ok, Ok, I'll come up with a better deal
101-0146_IMG.JPG (1207483 bytes)
Don't point that thing at me, a guy could get wet
101-0147_IMG.JPG (1326871 bytes)
I'm pointing, I'm pointing
101-0148_IMG.JPG (1552077 bytes)
So, eat hotdogs and drink grape pop and I'll be big like you eh?
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Look, I know how to shoot a gun with the safety on.
101-0150_IMG.JPG (680129 bytes)
Why does it keep flying upside down?
101-0151_IMG.JPG (1333413 bytes)
I can't look, the suspense is killing me.
101-0152_IMG.JPG (809943 bytes)
Who's pulling the string?
101-0153_IMG.JPG (1581031 bytes)
I feel bad for those poor cans, cans have feeling you know.
101-0154_IMG.JPG (1597570 bytes)
They'll get over it.
101-0155_IMG.JPG (1410037 bytes)
101-0156_IMG.JPG (1406141 bytes)
Steady, I can't even hold it up
101-0157_IMG.JPG (1126655 bytes)
If only the wind would stop blowing those bushes
101-0158_IMG.JPG (1204865 bytes)
Visualize, I see the pellet going through
101-0159_IMG.JPG (1202676 bytes)
Now watch, this is how a commando does it
101-0160_IMG.JPG (1199889 bytes)
I think I could be over dressed for this event
101-0161_IMG.JPG (1280748 bytes)
Alright string bean, say yer prayers
101-0163_IMG.JPG (801178 bytes)
It's working, its working
101-0164_IMG.JPG (573893 bytes)
Should we introduce our bat kite to that bald eagle