Exploring - Fish Creek Ice Caves

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

As part of our Explorer and Outdoor Skill badge work, we put together a night with some compass and orienteering.  We lined it up with a full moon and a dark night with a reflective blanket of shinny white snow. We had to determine the best way with a river between us, possible snow packed trails, and the choice to pack it through some deep snow. 

Tossed in a couple pic of our outdoor Hockey matches as well.  We used a lousy cell phone for a camera so the pic aren't great, and it was dark. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Peter Erasmus, Aaron Sebastian  - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. RJ Laigo, Michael Laigo, Issac Gagnon, Hale Aquino, Nat Wilshire, Seth Ek, Tayson Saravia, Preston, Andrew, Blake Gorner - Scouts

Photo Library 

IMG_2461.JPG (2074313 bytes) Nothing getting past this goalie. IMG_2462.JPG (2091083 bytes) At least as long as the pucks down at the other end.  IMG_2463.JPG (1040870 bytes) Did we score, I can't see. IMG_2464.JPG (2495319 bytes) Nice scrimmage there guys.
IMG_2465.JPG (2084859 bytes) Its a shot off the post.  IMG_2466.JPG (1911421 bytes) Nice slap shot there Hale.    
Ice Caves      
IMG_2467.JPG (2194456 bytes) Is this a zerg egg.  IMG_2468.JPG (2971756 bytes) So this is the ice, where's the cave? IMG_2470.JPG (2742488 bytes) Behind the ice. Ohhh. IMG_2472.JPG (2527440 bytes) Hey guys, my tongue's stuck
IMG_2473.JPG (2482808 bytes) No really, don't leave me! IMG_2475.JPG (2233071 bytes) Now those are caves! IMG_2476.JPG (2937415 bytes) Look, it goes back further... IMG_2477.JPG (2668669 bytes) Check out that night vision on Isaac!
IMG_2478.JPG (3289295 bytes) Michaels got it too now! IMG_2479.JPG (2393687 bytes) and Preston!. IMG_2480.JPG (1492435 bytes) They're turning into zergs guys, we need to hide. IMG_2482.JPG (2215590 bytes) Too late.
IMG_2486.JPG (2415748 bytes) Nat's gone too.. IMG_2487.JPG (2799045 bytes) The zergs have spawned IMG_2488.JPG (1654180 bytes) Want to see me make this icicle glow? IMG_2489.JPG (2564881 bytes) Look Mom, I'm not a zerg, I'm a snow angel!