Exotic Meats BBQ at Bebo Grove

June 20, 2018

Still on a cooking theme, the boys were on an interesting Exotic meats web site and thought this would make for a great BBQ theme.  The site turns out to be a store located in Edmonton so alternate sources were sought out. 


Boys came up with Elk, Moose, Venison jerky, Milk Fish, and fish chips, and various Polcan sausages.  

Bebo is a great place to chill out, and has a nice hiking trail. Just what the boys would need to impress the girls they invited. 

Photo Library

20180620_182531.jpg (5436869 bytes) Getting the coals ready 20180620_182621.jpg (6981901 bytes) Need that slow heat 20180620_182624.jpg (6891036 bytes) and might as well dump them all in so we don't have to carry them back out  
20180620_182719.jpg (6204546 bytes) 20180620_193348.jpg (3897786 bytes) These are the fish samples  20180620_193354.jpg (3906217 bytes) Tinfoil roast dinners here.  20180620_193358.jpg (4638800 bytes) Sausages here.  
20180620_193457.jpg (5232543 bytes)  20180620_193505.jpg (4017749 bytes) 20180620_194056.jpg (6951213 bytes) Ready for that hike?  20180620_195451.jpg (4925028 bytes)
20180620_195453.jpg (6088770 bytes) 20180620_195640.jpg (5597142 bytes) 20180620_195645.jpg (6669752 bytes) 20180620_200530.jpg (6943128 bytes)
20180620_200936.jpg (7231147 bytes) This is where it get tough 20180620_200938.jpg (4405074 bytes) just for the girls though 20180620_200941.jpg (7096553 bytes) 20180620_201001.jpg (4672171 bytes)