Dry Pack& Canning Project - for Elderly

Feb 6, Mar 6, 2007 The Ski up to Bow Summit

Boys experience factory working with a warehouse and palettes and machinery and lost of bulk food. At the LDS Cannery the boys fill previously filled orders for the Elderly people of Willow Pack Ward.  

First a safety training takes place and they tour the facility. Brother Wally Zaugg supervises and trains the boys on the work they will need to be doing. 

The orders the boys will involve taking bulk items such as refried bean or sugar, powdered milk and either canning or dry packing toe product. Once done the product can be stored for many years and still be edible. 



Team Assignments:

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Willow Park Team Members

Garret Herget, Darren Stone, Tom Elford,  Karl Burndorfer,  - Leaders
Jordan Johnson, Matt Vance, Matt Swerid, Darren Gardner, Ben Burndorfer, Shamir Bechar, Aaron Carrier, Zachary Peterson,  Nathan Johnson, Lucas & Mateus Pereira - Scouts

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Darren at the Machine