Calgary Drop-in Centre - Sandwich Night

April 3, 2014

The boys found out that a request was made to provide sandwiched for the Calgary Drop-in centre. To fulfill some of their badge requirements  they thought it would be a good idea to get involved. Trouble was there was already an event planned for the week they needed the sandwiches. Not easily dissuaded, they planned to do it the following night and send emails out to the parents.   Everyone came with extra loaves and fixings to make great sandwiches. To augment their cooking skills the boys baked a Mexican Spice cake for a treat after they finished all their hard work.

20 loaves made up using bologna, ham, cheese, peanut butter & jam.  

Team Members

Ethan Conrad, Hale Aquino, RJ Laigo,  Jeff Thompson - Planners
Dave Proctor, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad, Hale Aquino, RJ Laigo, Michael laigo, Isaac Gagnoon, Joshua Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Preston Layton, Jace Nelson, Sam Erasmus - Scouts

Photo Library

IMG_2582.JPG (1534626 bytes) Cakes in the oven, let start the assembly lines. IMG_2583.JPG (1656324 bytes) Bologna first. bit of mustard IMG_2584.JPG (1739427 bytes) Start sliding them back into the bag... IMG_2585.JPG (1679837 bytes) Hey, we forgot the cheese guys.
IMG_2586.JPG (1689292 bytes) So we have to take them out again? IMG_2587.JPG (1682056 bytes) OK, here's the next cheese slice.