Sandwich Night - Calgary Drop-in Centre

October 08, 2008

Our Wards all have Compassionate Service leaders and they requested our support in making sandwiches for the Calgary Drop-in Centre. This was our first activity in which every member of our group attended. We want to help and this showed it. Boys were asked to bring along sandwich bread, and various fillings. We got a variety of meats, cheeses, and of course lots of the old standby Peanut Butter & Jelly. 

Quality control boys made sure the crusts were not included, and applied some extra peanut butter and downed them. Waste not, want not, and a bit of a job perk.

After the nights work, we had 22 loaves repacked into bags with wholesome sandwiches. A good brother that volunteers down there, Robert Wilde, took our load down the the centre for us. 

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders
Troy Wood - Parent Group
Liam Adams, Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquijo, 
Layton Byam, Aiden Doherty, Taylor Ouwerkerk, Spencer Wapple, Joseph Wilsher, Reed Wood, 
Ben Willicome  - Scout

Photo Library

DSC01576.JPG (2806620 bytes) It's important to orient the sandwiches before you put them back into the bag. DSC01577.JPG (2995032 bytes) Maybe not. DSC01578.JPG (2800899 bytes) Did I put the mustard on that one? DSC01579.JPG (2781734 bytes) Oh, look, jelly on my belly.
DSC01580.JPG (3092736 bytes) Make sure you make them just like this or I'll deck ya.  DSC01581.JPG (2971639 bytes) Cold cuts are good. DSC01582.JPG (3004607 bytes) It's a dirty job, but we do it. DSC01583.JPG (3072233 bytes) Not a bad total loaf count at all here.
DSC01584.JPG (3128444 bytes) and all done in under 30 minute. DSC01585.JPG (2735054 bytes) See, I can use my hand to put jam on my sandwich.