Drop-in-Centre - Tour

Photo Library - November 26, 2002

102-0120_IMG.JPG (109914 bytes) Life at the Cecile Hotel 102-0121_IMG.JPG (85933 bytes) Challenging the unbreakable bathrooms 102-0122_IMG.JPG (100213 bytes) Max ventilation room 102-0123_IMG.JPG (98864 bytes) Hitting the mats
102-0124_IMG.JPG (110522 bytes) The old shelter 102-0125_IMG.JPG (69210 bytes) Peculating up the system 102-0126_IMG.JPG (73799 bytes) This could be my very own locker 102-0127_IMG.JPG (68514 bytes) This is better than a hostel accommodations
102-0128_IMG.JPG (90742 bytes) How do we get out? 102-0129_IMG.JPG (83887 bytes) Watch out don't fall 102-0130_IMG.JPG (65324 bytes) The culture hall 102-0131_IMG.JPG (59652 bytes) Mother Teresa 
102-0132_IMG.JPG (88279 bytes) Amazed by the electronic organ 102-0133_IMG.JPG (102100 bytes) The computer lab 102-0134_IMG.JPG (83869 bytes) Cushioned elevator WOW! 102-0135_IMG.JPG (64894 bytes) Chef Ken Wright from the queens kitchen. He's got great stories of sandwiches, Salt and sugars ones mostly.
102-0136_IMG.JPG (70538 bytes) The laundry room 102-0137_IMG.JPG (91483 bytes) The execs stuff 102-0138_IMG.JPG (93698 bytes) The final talk 102-0139_IMG.JPG (76063 bytes) And.... behind door number 3