Driving Range - Individual Sports

September 6, 2017

It's always a challenge coming up with a sport a bunch of individuals like. This was our attempt at improving our long shots. 

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20170906_193928.jpg (3465262 bytes) Just to show us how its done. 20170906_193952.jpg (3470056 bytes) And how its done just a bit better... 20170906_194004.jpg (3322720 bytes) Ephraim takes form 20170906_194021.jpg (4012593 bytes) Michael and Connor tee off
20170906_194047.jpg (3249700 bytes) Josh want to knock-em out there like Pat 20170906_194315.jpg (3773526 bytes) Getting a few pointers 20170906_194325.jpg (3550332 bytes) Jaxson's good without a lesson 20170906_194337.jpg (3440440 bytes) See, the ball kind of went straight up and out a bit.
20170906_194353.jpg (3999154 bytes) All eyes on Michael, no pressure. 20170906_200044.jpg (4157042 bytes) Bowen's thinking he can do this... 20170906_200115.jpg (3692045 bytes) RJ needs to take this more seriously 20170906_200516.jpg (3257505 bytes) Watch me hit 20 balls at once.
20170906_200533.jpg (3012044 bytes) I could try that, line them up nicely first. 20170906_203426.jpg (4244619 bytes) What a night, we just got so much better 20170906_203454.jpg (4113129 bytes) Well, some of us might have.