Dodge Ball and Teen Burgers

October 10, 2018

Some of the more athletic boys wanted a change to get some action games going and  for those more injury adverse, they headed up an offer by Syd Banks to provide our group with Teen Burgers 

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Soon Dodge ball pic needed here...      
20181010_201749.jpg (3949448 bytes) Syd give the group his A&W background as a manager there. 20181010_201841.jpg (4097568 bytes) The science behind the assembly of a teen burger 20181010_201856_001.jpg (2124431 bytes) The taste! 20181010_201859.jpg (3350711 bytes) its all about the taste
20181010_201901.jpg (3452160 bytes) This is so good 20181010_201936.jpg (3568268 bytes) 20181010_201950.jpg (3668494 bytes) 20181010_202204.jpg (3921516 bytes)
20181010_202209.jpg (3631791 bytes) 20181010_202231.jpg (4457582 bytes) 20181010_202304.jpg (3496471 bytes) 20181010_202414.jpg (3893598 bytes)