Crows Nest Pass - Summer Camp

September2,3,4,5 2005

This hike was organized by Shamir Bechara. 

Activities - Benjamin
Food -Aaron Carrier  
Log - Teifur Nordal
Equipment - Leaders

mountains mountains every where rocks rocks everywhere cold cold CCCCCOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD  mornigs

Maple Ridge / Willow Park Team Members

David Crane , Mark Carrier, Karl Burndorfer,  - Leaders
Aaron Carrier, , Teifur Nordal, Benjamin Burndorfer,, Shamir Bechara, Zachary Peterson, Tyler Mc Arthy, Micheal and Logan Crane, Tim, Rossmel.

Photo Library

IMG_1988.JPG (141751 bytes)get the bikes ready for the bike ride of doom IMG_1989.JPG (167973 bytes)fix the bike IMG_1990.JPG (137894 bytes)made it down the stairs and up the mountains IMG_1991.JPG (135779 bytes)I survived
IMG_1992.JPG (1060619 bytes)hello IMG_1995.JPG (1489547 bytes)burning marshmelows  IMG_1996.JPG (1338438 bytes)more burent marshmalows IMG_1997.JPG (1446347 bytes)good pies
IMG_1998.JPG (630777 bytes)good eating IMG_2002.JPG (546421 bytes)grrr ill get you IMG_2003.JPG (1430439 bytes)camping in luxury IMG_2004.JPG (1508680 bytes)warm house
IMG_2005.JPG (212366 bytes)nice towel IMG_2007.JPG (2256775 bytes)hiking to star falls IMG_2013.JPG (1712405 bytes)one degre water IMG_2040.JPG (103211 bytes)canon ball