Cook-off - Challenge Badge

May 21, 2014

Cooking shows seem to still be a great attraction for even scouts. Epic Meal Time is one that came up in the discussions.  So this year we pulled 3 Head chefs and divided up the boys. 

Rules & Rankings

Team Members

Nigel Kennet, Karl Burndorfer, Matt Gardner, Peter Erasmus - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. R.J. Laigo, Michael Laigo, Hale Aquino, Isaac Gagnon, Taysen Saravia, Devin Ohba, Jeff Thompson, Josh Thomson,  Blake Gorner, Austin Smith, Sam Erasmus, Jace Nelson, Matt Hamilton - Scouts
Leaders - Food Judges

Photo Library 

Head Chef Josh's team  heat in the kitchen....    
DSCN3507.JPG (3985763 bytes) Jeff and Devin are assigned the Meat lover's Nachos  DSCN3508.JPG (4070905 bytes) RJ takes an Epic meal theme on bacon... DSCN3509.JPG (3883061 bytes) Just like basket weaving with bacon strips DSCN3510.JPG (3997750 bytes) Head chef Josh checks out the dessert options: cookie pizza with sprinkles and whipped cream.
DSCN3511.JPG (3848957 bytes) Notice the perfect weave. DSCN3514.JPG (3682066 bytes) Yes, the head chef is impressed... DSCN3516.JPG (4867165 bytes) Cheese on last, right? DSCN3519.JPG (3558508 bytes) Ground beef for nachos is almost ready. 
DSCN3520.JPG (4593030 bytes) This was no easy task in getting this into the pan.  DSCN3521.JPG (3900808 bytes) Cranking up the heat... DSCN3522.JPG (4194276 bytes) More sprinkles can only make it taste better, right? DSCN3523.JPG (3887751 bytes) OK, I think we need to make sure the bacon doesn't stick to the pan. 
DSCN3524.JPG (4126966 bytes) Getting a bit behind on baking the 2 pizzas DSCN3525.JPG (3969689 bytes) Got to keep it sliding around. Don't want it to stick.  DSCN3526.JPG (3880338 bytes) Bit more and we'll need to flip it.  DSCN3527.JPG (3897753 bytes) It's all starting to come together. 
DSCN3528.JPG (4150950 bytes) There, 1st tray of nachos is ready for the hamburger. DSCN3529.JPG (4179204 bytes) OK, hamburger is done, just in time.  DSCN3530.JPG (4005568 bytes) Need to grate up some cheese for the pizza sandwich now. DSCN3531.JPG (3825163 bytes) The head chef needs to make sure the whipping cream is fresh. 
DSCN3533.JPG (3921152 bytes) Yah, I'm starting to taste it, yes, it's fresh.  DSCN3534.JPG (4078496 bytes) 2nd tray of nachos, coming up. DSCN3535.JPG (3963350 bytes) Cheese is grated chef... DSCN3536.JPG (4152273 bytes) Got to get just the right amount of salsa on this 2nd batch. 
DSCN3538.JPG (4381031 bytes) Bacon alert!  It's just at the right level of crispiness.  DSCN3539.JPG (3897140 bytes) Need to check those pizzas... DSCN3540.JPG (4067358 bytes) Get some cleanup started while we're waiting for the baking to be done.  DSCN3541.JPG (4028971 bytes) Dish water needs to be hot!
DSCN3548.JPG (3864674 bytes) So this is Sam's "Tropic" spot.  DSCN3542.JPG (3920149 bytes) Quite the catapult action on that recliner... DSCN3549.JPG (4096952 bytes) Lets launch one of Sam's dogs, not bad, made it all the way over here.  DSCN3550.JPG (4015152 bytes) Let's try another one. 
DSCN3543.JPG (4565708 bytes) OK guys, we got to get ready to pull the pizzas! DSCN3545.JPG (3895975 bytes) There, 2 pizzas sandwiched together. DSCN3546.JPG (3753373 bytes) Put on the sauce and cheese. Now slide on the Epic bacon.  DSCN3547.JPG (3975377 bytes) And the nachos are done too. 
DSCN3544.JPG (4813967 bytes) Great, all those wonderful smells and they just pack it up and leave!      
The tasting....      
DSCN3551.JPG (3866137 bytes) Chili is quite good, not too hot.  But the home baked corn bread with honey sauce, that's impressive.  DSCN3552.JPG (3803765 bytes) Josh's team serving up their dishes... DSCN3553.JPG (4167809 bytes) Bit of a challenge cutting through a pizza like this with just a butter knife.  DSCN3561.JPG (3899649 bytes) Everyone is awed by the Epic bacon topped double pizza!
Cleanup starts      
DSCN3559.JPG (3643414 bytes) We can lick the bowls before we wash them.  DSCN3560.JPG (3439967 bytes) How did we get so many dishes... And then they all went home. Except for RJ and Hale. Got  to stay till it's all done.
DSCN3554.JPG (3722485 bytes) Too modest for pictures. DSCN3555.JPG (3736934 bytes) They're just too humble. Finally just before 9:30 we get the kitchen clean!  
How to make Apple Turnovers:      
DSCN3506.JPG (3536043 bytes)  Unroll the pastry and cut sheet into 4. DSCN3501.JPG (3935875 bytes) Put a bit of your fired apples in the middle. Brush the edge with a bit of water so it sticks together when you fold it over. DSCN3502.JPG (3518765 bytes)  Fold it over to form a triangle. DSCN3503.JPG (3878485 bytes) 1 sheet, 4 apple turnovers.
DSCN3504.JPG (3892145 bytes) Brush with water/egg white mixture and sprinkle with coarse sugar. DSCN3505.JPG (3972021 bytes) Got it get it to cover the turnover, but not too much.  Bake at 450 for about 15 minutes and your done.