Cook-off - Challenge Badge

May 29,  June 05, 2013.  

In the theme of Dragon's Den and with the our Cooking Challenge badge in mind, we had a great activity  pulling off some fantastic meals. First week was spent putting together a menu and a grocery list, Next week, the trip to the store, preparing the meals and eating it.  Needed an appetizer, main course and a dessert. 


Team Members

Kendall Cahoon, Karl Burndorfer, Glen Buchanan, Aaron Sebastian, Dave Proctor - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. R.J. Laigo, Michael Laigo, Hale Aquino, Isaac Gagnon, Jacob Kellestine, Nat Wilshire, Seth Ek - Scouts
Bishop Lang, Blair Layton - Food Judges

Photo Library 

DSCN1796.JPG (1893597 bytes) Tomatoes, Check, Limes, hmmm DSCN1797.JPG (1853383 bytes) I'm on the Meats, got to be around here somewhere... DSCN1798.JPG (1841554 bytes) So this is the cheapest onion and it cost less that this little lime. DSCN1799.JPG (1781501 bytes), Mushrooms check, Still need a lemon.
DSCN1800.JPG (1817759 bytes) 250 grams ham, so many different prices. DSCN1801.JPG (1843542 bytes) Here's the Pepperoni, can we afford it at $3? DSCN1802.JPG (1870239 bytes) Great, bulk ham at only 97 cents a lbs. DSCN1803.JPG (1863469 bytes) This looks like we are over the $25 limit guys.
DSCN1804.JPG (1823017 bytes) OK, drop the pepperoni, what else? DSCN1806.JPG (1824299 bytes) Alright 7:45, 1/2 our time gone, but we got all the groceries.    
DSCN1807.JPG (1518504 bytes) Cinnamon Pita Chips in the over first. Hurry guys!  DSCN1808.JPG (1850945 bytes) That enough cinnamon? DSCN1809.JPG (1532817 bytes) OK Meat for the Nachos next.. DSCN1811.JPG (1547607 bytes) Spreading out the Nachos evenly. 
DSCN1812.JPG (1498338 bytes)Looks good, Nachos, Pita pizzas and Fruit Salsa, all tastes pretty good. DSCN1813.JPG (1804714 bytes) I'm so hungry now! DSCN1814.JPG (1925909 bytes) Lets get that serving line going guys DSCN1815.JPG (1835518 bytes) Blessing on the food.
DSCN1816.JPG (1822439 bytes) and it's chow down time. This is sooo good.  DSCN1817.JPG (1497357 bytes) The other team provided baked potatoes, Steak, and Ice-cream DSCN1818.JPG (1504955 bytes) Oh and the ice-cream has  the spay can of whipping cream. It's good too. DSCN1819.JPG (1550627 bytes) OK if I eat the lemons from the lemon water?
DSCN1820.JPG (1589534 bytes) Cleanup looks pretty good in here. DSCN1821.JPG (1497670 bytes) Still got some ice cream left guys! DSCN1822.JPG (1836420 bytes) Really, I'm back, where is it. DSCN1823.JPG (1559887 bytes) Hard to think we could eat all the food, but we did it. You'll be proud Mom, No leftovers.