Christmas 2016 - Various Events

December, 2016

The boys planned and got involved in a couple Christmas events to follow their Christmas Spirit.

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, Giancarlo De Silva, James Fraser - Leaders
Sam, Ethan, RJ, Michael, Abraham, Uwanna, Joey, Ashton, Devon.
Guys from the other wards. 

Photo Library

DSCN8058.JPG (1794203 bytes) Sam provided a lesson on "Preach my Gospel" For LDS Missionary Dogs. DSCN8059.JPG (1811026 bytes) Needed to sample some Christmas cookies before deciding which ones we should make into virtual gifts for the missionaries. 

German Gingerbread is pretty good.

DSCN8060.JPG (1873126 bytes) The Cadbury chocolate digestives not bad either.  DSCN8061.JPG (1834875 bytes) Getting to be a bit of a toss up for some.
DSCN8062.JPG (1857693 bytes) We're praying the virtual cookies will taste as good in the emails we send them in. DSCN8063.JPG (1815560 bytes) I guess I'll have to eat the Chocolate to get to the prize. DSCN8064.JPG (1784229 bytes) Not sure how to handle the kinder-prizes though.  
We took a trip to a Christmas Hamper warehouse to help pack-up as many hampers as we could. HamperItems.jpg (4717238 bytes)    
IMG_4506.JPG (1885175 bytes) This sure looks like a full list... IMG_4508.JPG (2356358 bytes) 2 packs of Juice boxes... IMG_4509.JPG (2503786 bytes) Cocoa or Decaf? IMG_4510.JPG (2660640 bytes) I want to get signed up for this one.
IMG_4511.JPG (2550191 bytes) So many soups to choose from. IMG_4512.JPG (2373372 bytes) We need a Canned fruit or 3 fruit cups... IMG_4514.JPG (2449402 bytes) This looks pretty exotic! IMG_4516.JPG (1646090 bytes) Need 3 more cans of beans.
IMG_4517.JPG (1896525 bytes) Darren doing the quality control rounds. IMG_4518.JPG (2526487 bytes) Don't know how we're going to get a bicycle in there. IMG_4519.JPG (2526153 bytes) We're short on lids, but just keep stacking them. IMG_4520.JPG (1902059 bytes) Some of the grocery items are running out. Gee we work fast, and hard.
IMG_4521.JPG (2245887 bytes) Tell Santa, I want this guy. IMG_4522.JPG (2438725 bytes) There's no room in the van, man. IMG_4524.JPG (2445363 bytes) The joy of Christmas is found! IMG_4525.JPG (2442818 bytes) So what do we do if some candy bags broke open? Oh, these are quite good. Licorice Allsorts you say.
IMG_4526.JPG (2494052 bytes) I guess that's a wrap. IMG_4530.JPG (2558703 bytes) Another job done by Santa's little helpers.