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December, 2002

Our Activities committee headed by Pam Carrier embarked us all on a wonderful Christmas service project. The scout came in to help on various parts during Scout evenings and in the final cookie making day and then all the youth boarded the donated Calgary Transit bus to deliver all the gifts. The committee worked hard on soliciting donations from all sorts of businesses and families.  The focus was to help homeless teens in Calgary.


Complete Log of Events

123 Willow Park Team Members

Pam Carrier and Activity Committee members
Karl Burndorfer, Ben Vance - Scout Leaders
Mitch Sherwood, Paul McBride, Jordan Crane, Logan McNaughton, Tyler Vance, Jordan Johnson, Matt Vance, Robbie Cocker, Matt Swerid, Darren Gardner - Scouts
Families of Willow Park Ward

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Making gifts for the bags
Decorating the cookies
Delivering the Christmas gifts

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