Chester Lake - X-Country Ski Hike

February 26-27, 2010

After our ad in the Ward Bulletin for unused winter sporting equipment we had enough X-Country ski equipment to have us put on this event and not have to rent any equipment.  A fellow scout leader from Airdrie suggested Chester Lake to us as it always had lots of snow when ever they went. Snow is important to a ski event, and we weren't disappointed.  Instead of camping outdoors and try to be close to a suitable ski location the team opted for a sleep over (well not much sleeping and lot of gaming) and then at 5:00 am get up and head for the site. With that we did manage to get off after an nice bacon / egg / and hash brown breakfast. Definitely slept on the way there, but got there for 8:00am. There was good daylight already and we put on the equipment and headed up the ski trail. 

It was a bit of work getting into the rhythm and handling the uphill parts. Turns out the waxed skis still proved to be a bit slippery  than the no wax ones. Daniel and Connor were match up with the waxed skis. Daniel was able to bend his heals out of the binding and dig them into the snow as he attempted to get up the steeper inclines. But then on a particularly long climb toe portion of the sole tore right off his boot. We were about a third of the way up at this point. We did bring extra boots so a run was made to go back and get them. After that we switched up the skis a bit and gave Daniel the no wax with the new boots. Much better after that.

The scenery got more impressive as we got closer to the lake.  Once there we cross over to a large rock pile and had lunch. Others were around us enjoying the same area. Some had brought Crazy Carpets and hikes up the large scree slop and slip down out onto the lake. Awesome toboggan run if the brought the tubes etc. 

We know the hike out was going to be fast. We tried out the tactic of sitting on the backs of your skis when the sloops got too steep. This was sweet as most to the trail was nicely banked on either side and you could real whip down them. 

As expected we were out at the parking lot in about an hour. The team had no problem catching up on the rest of the missed sleep on the ride home.  This was definitely a great place for new skiers.

Team Members

Dan Merrel,  Karl Burndorfer - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Daniel Urquijo, Ben Burndorfer (Cook) - scouts


Photo Library

IMG_0325.JPG (2027078 bytes) Time to get those skis on after that nice nap IMG_0326.JPG (1879946 bytes) see, no sliding backwards, this is good.  IMG_0327.JPG (2104835 bytes) Important to adjust these pole straps IMG_0328.JPG (2986713 bytes) OK, it starting to get real hot out here!!!
IMG_0329.JPG (1684058 bytes) Now that I'm down here anyways, might as well have a snack IMG_0330.JPG (2014672 bytes) Poking the pole into the ground in the right place and time is important IMG_0335.JPG (2192421 bytes) There's ninja's here??? IMG_0336.JPG (2173322 bytes) Whoa I'm hot, should have just worn my bathing suit. 
IMG_0337.JPG (2305164 bytes) Got the extra shoes though. IMG_0338.JPG (2052489 bytes) Getting close to the lake, right? IMG_0339.JPG (2119716 bytes) Lets make some new trails, wait a minute snows starting to get a bit deep. IMG_0340.JPG (2046122 bytes) How deep is it?
IMG_0341.JPG (2135972 bytes) I need wider skis man. IMG_0342.JPG (2108527 bytes) Coming out into the lake, really, like for sure this time. IMG_0343.JPG (2250073 bytes) Ok, so where's the lake? IMG_0344.JPG (2204176 bytes) Just past those trees eh?
IMG_0345.JPG (1797107 bytes) Nice mogul country over there.  IMG_0346.JPG (1836777 bytes) Pose for the camera, were professionals now. IMG_0347.JPG (2046773 bytes) Easy there, I'm not keen on sliding backwards into that creek.  IMG_0348.JPG (2106786 bytes) So there's the lake
IMG_0349.JPG (935720 bytes) This is the scree slope they brought the crazy carpets for. It's the blue thing under his arm.  IMG_0350.JPG (1721258 bytes) I'm way past hungry guys. IMG_0351.JPG (1705655 bytes) I'm not quite ready for high speed moguls, but decreasing  the distance to fall is helping. IMG_0352.JPG (1789594 bytes) Actually works pretty good.
IMG_0353.JPG (1981700 bytes) Pretty fast eh, don't even see me anymore! Why you don't stop in the middle of the track! Pass on the left, nope, try the right I'm back now...
Action from behind. The hug a tree maneuver Trying the slope upright. Getting some ramp up speed for this one.
Need to invent the butt-to-ski attachment IMG_0363.JPG (2389926 bytes) Hmm, "Hazardous Downhill", this could be dangerous... IMG_0364.JPG (2345507 bytes) Look at me goooo IMG_0365.JPG (1843274 bytes) And he's into the wide open slopes now.
The fly by, whoosh IMG_0368.JPG (1863355 bytes) Nice that they have these nice soft run off track when you just get going too fast.  IMG_0369.JPG (2047621 bytes) Kind of stuck in here though
IMG_0370.JPG (1855983 bytes) Hey Nathan, just whizzing past here. Nice body plant. The pry off and go maneuver Connor applying more speed.  Queuing up for the last big run.  
IMG_0374.JPG (2360215 bytes) Don't even wake up after a ski avalanche IMG_0375.JPG (1906078 bytes) What avalanche?