Chestermere Boating - Nothing like jet skis and speed boat 

August 12-26, 2020 (COVID days)

Got some lake days in over at Sherry's parents. They do have a sweet set of toys to play with out there. 

Team Members

Jaxson, Bowen, Jack, Ike, Ephraim, Michael, Philip,  - Young men
Sam - Young women
Karl, Rob, Sherry & Mike, Bishop - Leaders

Picture Gallery

August 12th      
20200812_181846.jpg (3364841 bytes) Sherry getting Karl setup for the jet ski.  20200812_182158.jpg (8023482 bytes) I feel this will be exhilarating 20200812_182207.jpg (8234817 bytes) Ready to rip out of here... 20200812_182321.jpg (8033197 bytes) and we're back. That was awesome.
20200812_185217.jpg (4612718 bytes) Chilling by the Barbie 20200812_185244.jpg (3467548 bytes) Boys are ready to earn their water wings. 20200812_185356.jpg (3568285 bytes) Test out the paddles 20200812_185714.jpg (3852547 bytes) Ready to paddle out just like those Coureurs des bois.
20200812_185718.jpg (3724147 bytes) OK guys, keep the centre of gravity low. 20200812_185733.jpg (2690137 bytes) Are we dragging something behind us Ephraim? 20200812_185859.jpg (5959176 bytes) Got his now guys. Just hope now speed boat zips by us. 20200812_185909.jpg (5890152 bytes) Check this out. I'm a kayaker.
August 26th      
20200826_180712.jpg (3958088 bytes) Bathing beauties join the boys. 20200826_180721.jpg (4065097 bytes) Jaxson trying to control his breath. 20200826_180811.jpg (3615356 bytes) See, the water's not that cold. 20200826_180831.jpg (4320325 bytes) are you sure?
20200826_180834.jpg (5011530 bytes) No splashing! 20200826_202023.jpg (2617812 bytes) Mike suiting up to impress us. 20200826_202307.jpg (1264318 bytes) Got the slalom water ski on 20200826_202327.jpg (3223288 bytes) and their he goes carving up the water like a shark, and yes, we're impressed.
So great to have Sherry share all the toys with us!!!