Chain Lakes - Summer Camp

July 18-20, 2012

This was a Fishing, swimming, rafting, and hiking event. We wanted a good variety of activities. Thursdays  started off with fishing and believe it or not, every one of us there caught at least 2 fish. There was plenty of fish for dinner that night. We cooled off in the afternoon with some swimming and then at the end of the day we tried to raft out on the lake. Next day was the hike up Indian Graves trail. We kind of followed the cattle trail, but some parts got a bit swampy, even had some boys get their shoes sucked right off their feet. Found a pointy rock that looked like a big tooth or fang. We fished a bit more before heading home. After dinner we got together for a sling shot paint ball game, and for a no head shot game we only had 1. Next day  was rafting down the falls at Livingstone Falls campground. We were meeting the younger scouts there for that activity. After that we headed home. 

Tem Members

Kendall Cahoon, Karl Burndorfer, Peter Linfield, Blair Layton and Devon Smith - Scout Leaders
Sam Lloyd, Ethan Conrad,  Jakob Kellestine , Garret Byam, Justin Lund,  - Scouts
Sam the dog

Photo Library 

IMG_1212.JPG (720829 bytes) Got some heavy sun action here.  IMG_1213.JPG (3354973 bytes) He's just the kind of guy you want to give an old slap on the back too.  IMG_1214.JPG (3049045 bytes) I should use this for my sleeping mattress.  IMG_1215.JPG (2988112 bytes) The last flicker from the lighter...
IMG_1216.JPG (2678922 bytes) Oh, it's lit, there she goes... IMG_1217.JPG (2662313 bytes) You got a match?  Think I'm a boy scout or something? IMG_1220.JPG (2691586 bytes) We could use the cigarette lighter in the car, right? IMG_1221.JPG (2671416 bytes) OK, we got a match, its going!
IMG_1222.JPG (2211335 bytes) Way cool man.       
DSCN0773.JPG (2003358 bytes) Oh it's just a horse sneaking up on you, thought it was a deer.  DSCN0774.JPG (1985560 bytes) Oh man, it sucked the shoe right off my foot.  DSCN0775.JPG (1986547 bytes) Here's your shoe, guess those socks aren't coming clean.  DSCN0776.JPG (1756900 bytes) and this is how you water weeds. 
DSCN0780.JPG (1851267 bytes) Bushwhacked are way to the saddle, now we just follow the peak, right. DSCN0782.JPG (1861046 bytes) Ya, less bush to plow through.  DSCN0786.JPG (1754687 bytes) I'm all for that. being vertically challenged and all.  DSCN0792.JPG (1792698 bytes) Now that was a workout. I feel my tongue is as long as my tail
DSCN0793.JPG (1751872 bytes) Any chance you could put me in this guys backpack for the rest of the hike? DSCN0794.JPG (1814255 bytes) Was that a squirrel? DSCN0795.JPG (1869531 bytes) Should we start singing "Climb every mountain"  DSCN0796.JPG (1805245 bytes) We could make the Von Trapp family proud.
DSCN0797.JPG (1775261 bytes) Hike on... DSCN0798.JPG (1699728 bytes) Wait for me guys, got side tracked by that squirrel.  DSCN0799.JPG (1786710 bytes) We don't have to go all the way back again, right? DSCN0803.JPG (1821701 bytes) No, just need to climb down these cliffs up here. 
DSCN0805.JPG (1812268 bytes) So how steep is it?  DSCN0806.JPG (1781058 bytes) Pretty Steep. DSCN0807.JPG (1806717 bytes) It's not that steep, it's like walking down your basement steps. DSCN0809.JPG (1720749 bytes) Past the cliffs and into the meadow. 
DSCN0810.JPG (1751369 bytes) Hey you loose a jacket and water bottle? DSCN0811.JPG (1812550 bytes) Quick, we can get some fishing in before the rest of the guys get down.  DSCN0812.JPG (1791929 bytes) Well, OK, maybe not dinner for 2.  DSCN0813.JPG (1834942 bytes) I'm going for my 5th.
DSCN0814.JPG (1777722 bytes) OK, back to 4th.  DSCN0815.JPG (1872698 bytes) So how does catch and release work? DSCN0816.JPG (1954858 bytes) I can bite them, but no swallowing, got ya.  DSCN0817.JPG (1856444 bytes) Back to 5th. 
DSCN0818.JPG (1785861 bytes) Just 1 more fish, then we'll go.  DSCN0819.JPG (1717719 bytes) Nothing like exercising a different muscle group. For an Hour DSCN0820.JPG (1822260 bytes) And then Noah got everyone into the boat. And it started raining... DSCN0822.JPG (1973968 bytes) Tube adventures begin...
DSCN0823.JPG (1994517 bytes) I know, the suits on backwards and inside out. Now I zipped in the few remaining chest hairs I had.  DSCN0824.JPG (1996090 bytes) The flotilla has launched DSCN0825.JPG (1991830 bytes) Really not that deep here.  DSCN0826.JPG (2006598 bytes) Don't crash into me, paddle on the other side.
DSCN0827.JPG (2023543 bytes) Ya, got on my protective sneakers, case the fish are biting.  DSCN0828.JPG (2088906 bytes) Definitely works better when the water is more than 2 inched deep.  DSCN0829.JPG (2012167 bytes) Might as well fish while I'm waiting for the boys.  DSCN0830.JPG (2007101 bytes) Just navigating the rapids here. 
DSCN0831.JPG (1986564 bytes) Not as stable a tube as you think. DSCN0832.JPG (2019003 bytes) Almost through this rapid.  DSCN0833.JPG (2004026 bytes) See, just lean on the side with deeper water, works great! DSCN0834.JPG (2002448 bytes) and avoid the bushes.
DSCN0835.JPG (2007226 bytes) OK, what are we calling this maneuver? DSCN0836.JPG (2005589 bytes) Take that you horse fly. DSCN0837.JPG (2008323 bytes) Bit of a traffic jam here guys. DSCN0838.JPG (1985478 bytes) No problem over this side.
DSCN0839.JPG (1980497 bytes) 1st one though has got it made.  DSCN0840.JPG (2003696 bytes) Must have picked up a rock in my shoe. DSCN0841.JPG (1983369 bytes) Not a problem if you got sandals.  DSCN0842.JPG (2023463 bytes) Watch this use of my new power  stroke. 
DSCN0843.JPG (1993003 bytes) Need some kind of stroke to get moving again here.  DSCN0844.JPG (1983187 bytes) I think this is working DSCN0845.JPG (2006096 bytes) If I sneak up on the fish, maybe I can catch one. DSCN0846.JPG (1980166 bytes) Let me come help!
DSCN0847.JPG (1808333 bytes) Made it to the bridge. Where's the van? DSCN0848.JPG (2007207 bytes) Maybe we could make a car out of tubes and paddles, its downhill right! DSCN0849.JPG (1774128 bytes) He's getting me wet. Oh ya, I'm already wet. DSCN0850.JPG (2002233 bytes) I'm sure that fish is around here somewhere.
DSCN0851.JPG (1824131 bytes) It's right there where those ripple are. DSCN0852.JPG (1995416 bytes) Kiss her, she'll turn into a princess. Isn't it suppose to be a frog?    
IMG_1230.JPG (4286784 bytes) Get my morning walk in... IMG_1231.JPG (5014326 bytes) Man am I bushed, just not use to not getting my 22 hours of sleep a  day.  IMG_1232.JPG (3774999 bytes) All packed up and ready for the rafting.   
DSCN0821.jpg (73249 bytes) The 1 minute tent Then during a brief wind/rain storm it was gone in 30 seconds.    
The Tooth! Don't want to get bit by this guy. IMG_1680.JPG (2408296 bytes) IMG_1681.JPG (2511384 bytes) IMG_1682.JPG (2208142 bytes)
IMG_1683.JPG (2362884 bytes) IMG_1684.JPG (1765984 bytes) IMG_1685.JPG (2843815 bytes) IMG_1686.JPG (2482550 bytes)

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