Chain Lakes - Summer Camp

August 21-22, 2009

This was our summer camp. Our original camp was cancelled because of heavy rains 

Team Members

Dan Merrel, Wayne Johnson - Scout / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Tristen Bryenton, Daniel Urquijo-scouts

Photo Library

IMG_0614.JPG (699948 bytes) The standard scout breakfast IMG_0615.JPG (757726 bytes) The chef IMG_0616.JPG (1479572 bytes)  I'm stuffed! IMG_0617.JPG (1005959 bytes)
IMG_0618.JPG (463832 bytes) We have a big bedroom IMG_0619.JPG (1105892 bytes) Cool IMG_0620.JPG (812702 bytes) The leaders working away IMG_0621.JPG (574786 bytes) Our tools
IMG_0623.JPG (646244 bytes) IMG_0624.JPG (778142 bytes) Almost IMG_0625.JPG (905954 bytes) IMG_0626.JPG (378993 bytes)  Darn, just see weed
IMG_0627.JPG (944704 bytes) He had a ruff night IMG_0628.JPG (682104 bytes) IMG_0629.JPG (773055 bytes) IMG_0630.JPG (416725 bytes)
IMG_0631.JPG (913421 bytes) IMG_0632.JPG (845232 bytes) IMG_0633.JPG (524775 bytes) Not again IMG_0634.JPG (404585 bytes) Did you catch any yet?
IMG_0640.JPG (1131318 bytes) IMG_0641.JPG (439981 bytes) IMG_0642.JPG (914273 bytes) Yay! We caught one. Now let's play with it IMG_0643.JPG (700567 bytes)
IMG_0644.JPG (608312 bytes) Don't feed him a worm he's already dead! IMG_0645.JPG (890703 bytes) Finally, our first fish IMG_0646.JPG (681927 bytes) Now the fun part, gutting him IMG_0647.JPG (803733 bytes) There's our first head
IMG_0657.JPG (746912 bytes)t IMG_0651.JPG (799302 bytes)
IMG_0652.JPG (666535 bytes) IMG_0653.JPG (724439 bytes) IMG_0660.JPG (805887 bytes) IMG_0661.JPG (1018657 bytes)
IMG_0656.JPG (767383 bytes)