Calgary Cat Fanciers Cat Show - Community Service Project

Scout in charge - Darren Stone

Picked up need for help from Regional Scout Email.

Located at the Acadia Recreation Centre.

Picture Gallery:

C01CuriousCats.jpg (42929 bytes) Most Curious Cats C02CleanestCat.jpg (30656 bytes) Cleanest Cat C03MackCagePatrol.jpg (24276 bytes) Mack on cage patrol. C04DarrenManningStation1.jpg (30846 bytes) Darren manning our station. C05DanielOnDuty.jpg (21584 bytes) Daniel on duty.
C06BrainDidThatCatJustP.jpg (27044 bytes) Brian: Did the cat just pee? C07Team WithOrganizer.jpg (32993 bytes) Our team with the organizers. C08BrainFurBallGone.jpg (19534 bytes) Brian: The fur ball is gone. Much better. C09SteamOffOnCourt.jpg (23474 bytes) A little steam off on the courts.