Canada Day - Community Celebration

July 1,  2011

Our sponsor the "Willow Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" provided a special breakfast for the community.  They scaled back a bit as the work force is aging. A free sausages, eggs, and pancake breakfast. Still quite a meal! The Scouts were up for the task to provide a flag breaking ceremony and have the group stand to sing our national anthem 'Oh Canada', most of the versus.  The younger children provided a parade lead by the Bishop. Had lots of fun games after and kids were able to win candy prizes. 

Canada, you're Great!!!

Willow Park Activities Members

Kevin Pierson and various members of his high priest group and many other seasoned ward  members.
Willow Park Primary - Parade & Games
123 Willow Park Scouts - Kyle Johnson and Karl Burndorfer on flag break

Photo Library

IMG_3231.JPG (989208 bytes) Nice pressed uniform eh! IMG_3232.JPG (1057801 bytes) Got the flags all setup! IMG_3233.JPG (1018823 bytes) Lines are starting to form IMG_3234.JPG (1266450 bytes) Crews are almost ready.
IMG_3235.JPG (1353633 bytes) Dan with is rapid pour flap jack dispenser.  IMG_3236.JPG (1134435 bytes) IMG_3237.JPG (1203782 bytes) IMG_3238.JPG (812293 bytes)
IMG_3239.JPG (1041011 bytes) IMG_3240.JPG (1235684 bytes) So good you can eat while you're standing. IMG_3241.JPG (822212 bytes) IMG_3242.JPG (1114349 bytes) Service with a smile
IMG_3243.JPG (1070175 bytes) Sausage disks not links IMG_3244.JPG (970450 bytes) Egg flipper in action.  IMG_3245.JPG (994378 bytes) Soft warm flap jacks, mmm IMG_3246.JPG (919705 bytes) and the eggs.
IMG_3247.JPG (1066223 bytes) Get yur fixin's here! IMG_3248.JPG (676967 bytes) pouring on the syrup IMG_3249.JPG (828151 bytes) Great presentation, Eh! IMG_3250.JPG (1211810 bytes) couldn't do better if the cooks were boys scouts. Maybe they were?
IMG_3251.JPG (1425227 bytes) Sooo, good! IMG_3252.JPG (1379890 bytes) IMG_3253.JPG (1052397 bytes) How many can you eat? IMG_3254.JPG (1216534 bytes) These guys are in high gear now!
IMG_3255.JPG (1202305 bytes) IMG_3256.JPG (1004735 bytes) IMG_3257.JPG (1201543 bytes) Ben's finally worked up the appetite IMG_3259.JPG (684401 bytes) Daniel's say's he'll eat 12 flap jacks, no problem!
IMG_3260.JPG (837653 bytes) Kevin's considering challenging him. IMG_3261.JPG (812299 bytes) It's a guys breakfast when the power tools come out! IMG_3262.JPG (1095085 bytes) a few more seconds at 3600 rpm.  IMG_3263.JPG (996622 bytes) Prefect. 
IMG_3264.JPG (774357 bytes) No problem keeping up with these guys. IMG_3265.JPG (1228986 bytes) All smiles after mostly syrup, 6 flapjack, 1 egg and 1 sausage.  IMG_3266.JPG (1127141 bytes) Just kidding, Kyle, you can have 2nds. IMG_3267.JPG (1144080 bytes)
IMG_3268.JPG (990493 bytes) IMG_3269.JPG (1166625 bytes) I may have been up all night, but I wasn't going to miss this! IMG_3270.JPG (1188239 bytes) Some campaigners needed to take in a hearty breakfast.  IMG_3271.JPG (960847 bytes) They just keep on comin!
IMG_3272.JPG (1056930 bytes) Jack, after the pancake breakfast. It was just the way he likes it. IMG_3274.JPG (2130317 bytes) Limbering up exercises.  IMG_3275.JPG (1071635 bytes) Getting ready for a parade. IMG_3276.JPG (893350 bytes) Get those flags out.
 IMG_3277.JPG (1181836 bytes) Bishop calling the kids to line up. IMG_3278.JPG (1493120 bytes)  IMG_3279.JPG (1254290 bytes) IMG_3280.JPG (1008839 bytes) He's ready!
IMG_3281.JPG (997360 bytes) IMG_3282.JPG (1235862 bytes) Held off as long as I could taking these pictures, time to eat! IMG_3283.JPG (1157658 bytes) Out of syrup? Oh, just need to open another 4l jug.  IMG_3284.JPG (1414318 bytes) If I look patriotic maybe they'll pass me a sausage.
IMG_3285.JPG (1194809 bytes) Oh, Connors coming, he's a soft touch.  IMG_3286.JPG (1058750 bytes) That's a real patriotic dog you have there, he probably deserves one of these sausages. IMG_3287.JPG (1432277 bytes) I do, really I do. IMG_3288.JPG (930652 bytes) and it's ok if they've fallen on the ground.