Canada Day - Community Celebration

July 1,  2006

Our sponsor the "Willow Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" provided a special breakfast for the community.  A free sausages, eggs, pancake, fruit cup and OJ breakfast. Quite a meal! The Scouts were asked to provide a flag breaking ceremony and have the group stand to sing our national anthem 'Oh Canada', all the versus.  The younger children provided a parade lead by some of our fire department members that dropped by. It was great having them and their cool Fire Engines. Had lots of fun games after and kids were able to win candy prizes. Can never get enough sugar. 

Canada, you're Great!!!

Willow Park Activities Members

Mike Lee - Committee Chair
Members of his board and many seasoned ward  members
Willow Park Primary - Parade & Games
Calgary Fire Department - Cool trucks and Parade leaders
123 Willow Park Scouts - Ben Burndorfer on flag break

Photo Library

IMG_2624.JPG (267167 bytes) Season those grills boys... IMG_2625.JPG (315503 bytes) Is that a bug in my eggs? IMG_2626.JPG (222639 bytes) He's my body guard. Us scouts are quite famous you know. IMG_2627.JPG (249865 bytes) Cheek pinchers, you put on a uniform a you're just too cute to keep them back.
IMG_2628.JPG (281434 bytes) Scouter Bob, finally shows up sporting his latest war wound. Bit by a Croc I think.   IMG_2629.JPG (272277 bytes) Even those foreigner scouts couldn't resist the call to come to the best breakfast in town. IMG_2630.JPG (285728 bytes) Yup, We all use to be a scout too.  IMG_2631.JPG (246147 bytes) Now then, we just give it a little tug here and presto!
IMG_2632.JPG (250816 bytes) I disappear. IMG_2633.JPG (246792 bytes) Ok, We can salute now.  IMG_2634.JPG (296554 bytes) Do you know there was 4 verses to O'Canada. Not sure I can hold out without more pancakes. IMG_2635.JPG (222363 bytes) Almost finished verse 3. Still holding. 
IMG_2636.JPG (237578 bytes) The fire department arrive just in time.  IMG_2637.JPG (223611 bytes) and after they all get budged into the front of the line for breakfast, they're called off to lead the parade! IMG_2638.JPG (330372 bytes) Did you know about this??? IMG_2639.JPG (338852 bytes) Hey, I like this, maybe we should signup for the Stampede next week.
IMG_2640.JPG (345052 bytes) Hey, you could throw candy at us!  IMG_2641.JPG (326874 bytes) Don't you just love these cool hats we got. I'm a fireman, where's the fire? IMG_2642.JPG (246591 bytes) Can you carry me Mom? IMG_2643.JPG (185666 bytes) Wow, this is so cool in here. Look at all the stuff.  Dials and gauges and switches and computer screen, gas peddles and horns. Where do I sign up?
IMG_2644.JPG (250739 bytes) Sure Madam, next time we're on your block we'll come by and take you for a ride.  tIMG_2645.JPG (259276 bytes) They ate all the food. Can you believe it. You sleep in a lousy 3 hours and it's all gone,  or what she really said... Ellos comieron todo el alimento. Puedale lo cree. Usted duerme en una malisimas 3 horas y en todo se va.