Calgary Flood - Cleanup Volunteers

Wednesday, 26 June 2013. 

Great sunny evening to take the boys over to Mission, a heavily damaged community, close to downtown and the Elbow river. 

June 21, 2012  Calgary got the biggest flood ever.  A couple days later evacuated home owners and volunteers were allowed to come back to their homes.

The city put every effort into helping with the massive cleanup.  Folks piled up the damaged material out onto the boulevards in front of their homes for later pickup.  Dumpster bins were dropped off along the roads in front of homes. We, as a volunteer crew, took on the job of filling the dumpsters. 

Shortly after we got there, a mom and her son who were pulling a wagon of water bottles, offered us water in case we were thirsty. Hadn't really put any effort into it just yet, but we  accepted a couple bottles for later.  After filling a couple of dumpsters more folks came by offering us pizza and cake they have from their crews. The spirit of sharing and helping others was phenomenal. We met many other volunteer groups and just individual that rode down on their bikes to pitch in. We all work together and walked from dumpster to dumpster to garbage truck. 

Boys had a  great experience. One almost went home with a fur coat found to the garbage.  He thought of it after we were driving home that it would be great for a costume he was working on.  So as school was done tomorrow, he was going to pedal his bike down here again, help out for the day, and see if he could find that coat again.  

I got myself 4 hockey sticks in great shape to add to our floor hockey collection. Enjoying those the next time our boys have a street hockey game in the parking lot. 


Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, Kendall Cahoon  - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. RJ Laigo, Michael Laigo, Hale Aquino, Jacob Kellestine, Seth Ek, Sam Lloyd,  - Scouts
Adam Encarno, Matt Whitely, Ray Aquino - Parents and other youth leaders

Photo Library 

IMG_2142.JPG (3572785 bytes) The team arrives IMG_2143.JPG (3407004 bytes) The typical boulevard in front of a flooded house. IMG_2146.JPG (3112979 bytes) One bin done, onto the next IMG_2147.JPG (3401167 bytes) Boys are ready for more...
IMG_2148.JPG (2309241 bytes) Going to check around this corner... IMG_2149.JPG (2746284 bytes) Great, another one, lets pitch in... IMG_2150.JPG (2929153 bytes) Everything is soggy and you really need shovels to do a good job.   IMG_2152.JPG (2644705 bytes) Pretty easy to get dirt doing this job. Someone told us if you show up dirty at Peter's Drive-in you get free food. We didn't have time to check that out, but we did have some pressure to find out.
IMG_2153.JPG (2755508 bytes) See, there was grass under there... IMG_2154.JPG (2847459 bytes) Some other folks join in. IMG_2155.JPG (2232317 bytes) Starting to bring garbage from the other side of the street now. IMG_2156.JPG (2953617 bytes) This dumpster is almost full.
IMG_2157.JPG (2091941 bytes) You missed some garbage over there Hale.  IMG_2158.JPG (2025889 bytes) Finishing across the road now... IMG_2159.JPG (2993774 bytes) Let the leaders do a bit of heavy lifting here.  IMG_2160.JPG (3241906 bytes) Boots are good. Still lots of puddle to walk through. 
IMG_2161.JPG (2930212 bytes) Just hose it down now and the grass will be as good as new.  IMG_2162.JPG (2149361 bytes) Done another one. IMG_2163.JPG (3542589 bytes) So this is what drywall turns into when its wet. IMG_2164.JPG (2405411 bytes) The pizza fairies came by...
IMG_2165.JPG (2451296 bytes) This stuff disappears almost as fast as the garbage  IMG_2166.JPG (3008097 bytes) Ooh, cake too? IMG_2167.JPG (2343179 bytes) Apple, Cake, Pizza, what to choose, hmmm IMG_2168.JPG (2576068 bytes) Here is our first opportunity working with a garbage truck. He squishes it in and you dump more on.
IMG_2169.JPG (2744831 bytes) Jacob, wanting to work the controls IMG_2170.JPG (2912280 bytes) I could do this. IMG_2171.JPG (3311841 bytes) OK, ready to take another gulp.