Burgess Shale - Summer Camp

Takakkaw Falls - Hike

DSCN2293.JPG (4297207 bytes) Quite the river coming from those falls. DSCN2294.JPG (4077970 bytes) I'm the guy at the end of this rainbow. DSCN2295.JPG (4324409 bytes) As I move the rainbow follows... DSCN2296.JPG (4190100 bytes) This is now my halo, I'm way righteous.
DSCN2297.JPG (4298304 bytes) I allow a few on my friends to come under this influence. DSCN2298.JPG (4359142 bytes) Just to get the ratio of how small we are relative to this waterfall. DSCN2299.JPG (3927620 bytes) Video climbing closer. DSCN2300.JPG (3875990 bytes) and closer...
DSCN2301.JPG (3680168 bytes) and close... DSCN2302.JPG (3825793 bytes) and close... DSCN2303.JPG (3683759 bytes) OK too close... DSCN2304.JPG (4198829 bytes) High speed mister, case you get a cold, you need one of these in your bedroom.
DSCN2305.JPG (4290323 bytes) I'm so wet. DSCN2307.JPG (4255396 bytes) Not bad behind this rock. DSCN2308.JPG (4318552 bytes) OK, we'll start coming down... DSCN2310.JPG (2833713 bytes) Mist wind isn't stopping though.
Video of the wind on your back. Video of risky trek down. Video of numbing the brains first.  
DSCN2318.JPG (3813098 bytes) The 3d Map of what we did that day.