Burgess Shale - Summer Camp

Johnston Canyon - Hike

DSCN2184.JPG (4291446 bytes) Finally get to the upper falls. DSCN2186.JPG (3592040 bytes) How did Sam get down there with those strangers? DSCN2187.JPG (3658145 bytes) Sam leads the way for some of the more adventurous ones.  DSCN2188.JPG (3652095 bytes) Tough climbing through this debris. 
DSCN2189.JPG (4038561 bytes) I think we can get through here guys. DSCN2190.JPG (3601451 bytes) Really, this seems quite solid.  DSCN2191.JPG (4226297 bytes) Let us know if you get stuck Sam. DSCN2192.JPG (3691320 bytes)  Maybe there's another way. 
DSCN2193.JPG (4104820 bytes) This way works, we can see the whole falls from here.  DSCN2194.JPG (3717811 bytes) Where's my camera! DSCN2195.JPG (3675825 bytes) Mist gets everything wet here.  DSCN2196.JPG (4401778 bytes) OK you take the picture from up there. 
Back at the Lower Falls. DSCN2206.JPG (3673194 bytes) Bigger but not taller. DSCN2207.JPG (4214293 bytes) DSCN2211.JPG (4044827 bytes) Nice and cool here for just hanging out  isn't it?
 The meeting with the notorious Edgar Bran.  DSCN2198.JPG (3705179 bytes) Whoa, look at the size of that bird! DSCN2199.JPG (3747727 bytes) He's huge! DSCN2200.JPG (3795951 bytes) Do you think he like us?
DSCN2201.JPG (4288067 bytes) Lets put a cracker on my head and see if you comes over? DSCN2202.JPG (4218793 bytes) No crackers eh. hmmm.  DSCN2203.JPG (4324924 bytes) I might have some trail mix left over.  DSCN2204.JPG (4252922 bytes) He seems to like girls. 
OK, all we can come up with is Sam's dried Mango slices.  DSCN2210.JPG (4894667 bytes) I think he's interested. DSCN2209.JPG (5049812 bytes) Alright, he's good with mango. DSCN2212.JPG (4931437 bytes) Lets make a crumb trail and see if he gets real close again.
DSCN2218.JPG (5012339 bytes) OK, he's interested again.  DSCN2213.JPG (4666496 bytes) Maybe if I don't look directly at him... DSCN2216.JPG (4836420 bytes) One more till he's eating out of my hand! DSCN2215.JPG (4786575 bytes) He's coming in now. 
DSCN2219.JPG (4325525 bytes) Lower falls has a bridge that goes over the canyon and tunnels through  to show the full falls on the other side.  DSCN2220.JPG (3795995 bytes) Nice cooling mist in here.  DSCN2221.JPG (4139928 bytes) Nice spot for a shower.  DSCN2222.JPG (3740537 bytes) Yea, wouldn't have any dandruff flakes after that rinse. 
DSCN2223.JPG (4330745 bytes) Yea, RJ, definitely a good no-dust area for you here.