Burgess Shale - Summer Camp

Botanist Corner 

Jeff was very knowledgeable on the mountain flowers and plants.  He help identify quite a few of them. I helped with a few of  the berry bushes. We had gooseberries, strawberries and blue berries along the trail.
DSCN2235.JPG (3651590 bytes) DSCN2237.JPG (4150587 bytes) DSCN2236.JPG (3552317 bytes) DSCN2239.JPG (4238630 bytes)
DSCN2240.JPG (3444381 bytes) DSCN2242.JPG (4209099 bytes) DSCN2245.JPG (3490821 bytes) DSCN2246.JPG (3745249 bytes) Cute red mushroom.
DSCN2247.JPG (3735346 bytes) DSCN2249.JPG (3773818 bytes) DSCN2251.JPG (3616397 bytes) DSCN2252.JPG (3594867 bytes) Some weird Fungus
DSCN2253.JPG (3595863 bytes) almost like an underwater sponge. DSCN2259.JPG (3680826 bytes) DSCN2260.JPG (3824108 bytes) DSCN2263.JPG (4239404 bytes)
DSCN2284.JPG (3874146 bytes) DSCN2285.JPG (4198520 bytes) DSCN2286.JPG (3704814 bytes) DSCN2287.JPG (3551508 bytes)
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