Bowling Night - The real league

October 4, 2017

The boys invite the girls for some bowling action. This was lot of fun.

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20171004_191635.jpg (3923664 bytes) These custom selected ball seem pretty good. 20171004_191644.jpg (5144997 bytes) Got 2 lanes going here. 20171004_191703.jpg (4524115 bytes) This is what you look like after only taking out 2 pins 20171004_191746.jpg (3941862 bytes) Nice bounce in that ball there...
20171004_191821.jpg (4569452 bytes) Happy dance over in lane one. 20171004_191959.jpg (4309470 bytes) 2 balls and still no pins down. What are the odds? 20171004_192043.jpg (4397630 bytes) I shouldn't have looked. 20171004_193608.jpg (3606971 bytes) I can get a spare on this next ball. Just watch me.
20171004_193614.jpg (4371683 bytes) Inspiring some competition... 20171004_193644.jpg (4045848 bytes) Now that looks good. 20171004_193741.jpg (4655728 bytes) Just need to get that last pin, come on... 20171004_193747.jpg (4645268 bytes) Not bad.
20171004_194007.jpg (4008308 bytes) Ethan with his lucky green ball... 20171004_194016.jpg (4096368 bytes) Not going to save that one Jaxson. 20171004_200251.jpg (4598589 bytes) So  this is what artificial pizza taste like, not bad. 20171004_200305.jpg (4292097 bytes) Almost a strike.
20171004_200504.jpg (4362551 bytes) Hale texting the scores to his peeps. 20171004_201231.jpg (4521764 bytes) Bishop disappointed he couldn't get a spare lane. Could have really shown his stuff. 20171004_201244.jpg (4598854 bytes) It's a real spectator sport.