Connecting with Scout Leaders - Sylvan Lake

November 23,  2013

Our friend Vladimir got us motivated again to head outdoors and see what more we could learn about tracking deer. Jeff and Carol warmly opened their farm for a visit. We were looking at seeing if the scouts could build a tree stand for a pioneering project using the local poplars and a km of twine. We brought along our bows to see what it would be like if you had to track an animal through the bush. Those deer  have some pretty refined senses. Between sniffing us out, catching our movements and hearing us crunch through the snow, it seemed we were totally out sensed. We did have a couple encounters though. Vladimir had a moose pop out in front of him while Jeff and the dogs were pushing up wind of us. And again near sunset, Jeff was using his tractor to push a couple deer into us. We had them get about 60 yards of me. Tried to use our cell phones to coordinate our tracking, but I'm sure the deer could hear our ring tones go off. Ear buds next time!

It was great to visit with Jeff and Carol. They are the best hosts. Carol provided a scrumptious bowl of soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, finished off with Chocolate cake. Doesn't get better than that!. She showed us some of the flowers her and Jeff are working on for the coming season. They have a nice website setup now showing off all their flowers:

Both Vladimir and I got one of Carol's day lilies to take home as a gift. Mine is doing really well in our dining room.

Thanks a bunch, Carol and Jeff. It was a great day.


Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, Jeff & Carol Bondy, Vladimir Saveliev  - Leaders
Molly &  Nella - Tour guides

Photo Library

DSCN2545.JPG (3706995 bytes) Positioning ourselves in the North 40. DSCN2546.JPG (3595677 bytes) Molly, trying to reposition on a nice warm lap with a good view. DSCN2547.JPG (3590979 bytes) Ok , got the good view! DSCN2548.JPG (3760461 bytes) Vladimir was prepared, came with x-country skis. Jeff had snow shoes, I had my hiking boots. Not prepared.  
DSCN2550.JPG (3806599 bytes) Molly doing body slides on  the slippery parts of the road.  DSCN2551.JPG (3733702 bytes) Nella uses her sniffer and shows us some tracks... DSCN2552.JPG (3717480 bytes) That's a deer track  
DSCN2553.JPG (3124338 bytes) Almost lost Jeff in a badger hole. DSCN2554.JPG (4247276 bytes) Second badger hole. What are the odds? DSCN2555.JPG (4273509 bytes) Knew he should have put those snowshoes on again after lunch. DSCN2556.JPG (4125847 bytes) So where was this deer going?
DSCN2557.JPG (4830980 bytes) Over there, near the end of the stand of trees, 2 of them! 
I don't see them. Are you sure that dot is actually 2 deer? After 15 minutes of staring at the dot, Jeff came by and stopped the tractor near them. The dot magically turned into 2 deer.
DSCN2558.JPG (3634808 bytes) Thanks for the flowers Carol. They made the trip home and now kept warm on our dining room table.