Service - Food Storage Project

October 12, 2010

The Scout motto of being prepared  brought this project together. With these recessionary times you never know if that paycheck for your groceries may not always be there. So our troop setup a project to hand out the Bishops Store House's Dry pack Order Forms  OrderForm.jpg (1247523 bytes) for items folks can purchase. They all have very long shelf life. IE: Canned wheat good for 30 years. Can of apple chips maybe 10, but they do taste better right out of the can than the wheat. 

We collected all the orders and setup the event to allow our group (we included the girls) to put together the orders. There were lots of different jobs we needed to be trained on. And of course we all had to wear these fashionable hair nets. 

Team Members

Wayne Johnson, Karl Burndorfer, Joel Timms / YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquijo  - Scouts
Felipe Cupido, Nathan Johnson - Venturers

Photo Library

IMG_1680.JPG (1387824 bytes) So this is the place IMG_1674.JPG (1617727 bytes) All happy to be here! IMG_1675.JPG (1409606 bytes) Fresh produce. IMG_1676.JPG (2017826 bytes) Now we get to the Day pack facility.
IMG_1677.JPG (1326610 bytes) We're just a bit late. IMG_1679.JPG (1587894 bytes) Of course the girls are already here. IMG_1681.JPG (1503394 bytes) So do we have to wear these hats? IMG_1682.JPG (1544916 bytes) Cute huh!
IMG_1683.JPG (1745447 bytes) Training time IMG_1684.JPG (1732755 bytes) OK so you get cute hats and aprons. IMG_1685.JPG (1707766 bytes) So you take the 80kg bag and dump it into the tubs.  IMG_1688.JPG (1695059 bytes) Then you fill the can.
IMG_1689.JPG (1707440 bytes) And fill more cans IMG_1691.JPG (1669032 bytes) IMG_1693.JPG (1741823 bytes) IMG_1686.JPG (1672315 bytes) Then we put the cans into boxes.
IMG_1695.JPG (1696770 bytes) IMG_1696.JPG (1778306 bytes) Then you put lids on the cans.  IMG_1697.JPG (1734912 bytes) IMG_1699.JPG (1680077 bytes) I got to get one of these. 
IMG_1700.JPG (1412433 bytes) Got the boxes ready with the orders taped on the outside. Organized Eh! IMG_1701.JPG (1853412 bytes) IMG_1703.JPG (1699389 bytes) IMG_1706.JPG (1757352 bytes)
IMG_1707.JPG (1482869 bytes) Jobs done!