Bebo Grove - Capture the Flag

November 291, 2008

After taking our Lantern and Cook stove permits we wanted to try out cooking a meal outdoors. While we were there  we had also planned for a game of Capture the Flag. Turns out that Capture the Flag all started during the Civil War. The opposing army was deemed victorious by there opponents if they captured their flag. 

The 6 boys consumed 5 lbs of bacon, dozen hot dogs, and 2 lb ground beef for burgers. There were a few raw carrots consumed as well to help maintain that balanced diet. 

The boys discovered a frozen pond and after unsuccessfully trying to break through the ice, were turned to playing a round of hockey. A small chunk of wood became the puck and a couple logs made the goal posts. Ben side of the rink left a few large holes in the ice behind him so he had to be a bit more careful during activity behind the net.  Sam made off with the puck a couple of times, but he did allow the boys to catch him. 

Team Members

Paul Carrier, Ben Burndorfer, Karl Burndorfer - Scout Leaders / Parents
Reed Wood, Ben Willicome, Cale Pilling, Connor Johnson, Daniel Urquijo, Kevin (Daniel's friend) - Scouts (Allies)
Sam - Dogs

Photo Library

DSC01853.JPG (2780014 bytes) So this is base camp eh! DSC01854.JPG (3143748 bytes) When do we eat? DSC01855.JPG (3370603 bytes) We could sample, you know, just a bit of bacon. Just to make sure the equipment works of course.  DSC01856.JPG (3075799 bytes) Hey look a pond, lets try break through the ice?
DSC01857.JPG (3294956 bytes) Seems pretty thick to me.  DSC01858.JPG (2946988 bytes) Is there's a fish under me? DSC01859.JPG (3154288 bytes) Deep in enemy territory DSC01860.JPG (3304634 bytes) Cell phone image sent to opposing camp. 
DSC01861.JPG (3229557 bytes) I'm blending in, you don't see me. DSC01862.JPG (3413597 bytes) Is the coast clear? DSC01863.JPG (3121680 bytes) The Bacon apprenticeship program begins DSC01864.JPG (2731722 bytes) Bacon...
DSC01865.JPG (3383338 bytes) Is there any more bacon? DSC01866.JPG (3113378 bytes) Down to the last 2 pounds.  DSC01867.JPG (2669732 bytes) Nothing like frying in it's own juices. DSC01868.JPG (2921054 bytes) and when its fresh hot out of the pan. 
DSC01869.JPG (2983926 bytes) ooo, I can suck the juices out. Ah, so good.  DSC01870.JPG (3025363 bytes) Just need to wash that one back with a bit of water here.  DSC01871.JPG (3256792 bytes) Bacon fat works great as a lip balm. DSC01872.JPG (2940031 bytes) Ah, double patty, double dog, BACON burger. 
DSC01873.JPG (3419595 bytes) Who ever can split like this is the goalie. DSC01874.JPG (2872336 bytes) Foot off my hand please, Oh that's gonna hurt. DSC01875.JPG (3163422 bytes) was that the puck or the stump coming through the ice? DSC01876.JPG (3114240 bytes) Oh, what a save!
DSC01877.JPG (3111088 bytes) He scarified his body, but he saved it. DSC01878.JPG (3334544 bytes) Where's that hole in the ice again? DSC01879.JPG (3283382 bytes) Shoot it already before the dog gets it again.
DSC01880.JPG (3135607 bytes) Making the break into enemy territory. DSC01881.JPG (3386303 bytes) He's got our flag! DSC01882.JPG (3093089 bytes) The victor's. DSC01883.JPG (3027647 bytes) Stairs are for woosies... 
But what if the guy up front falls?
DSC01884.JPG (3411442 bytes) DSC01885.JPG (3077253 bytes)