Avro Arrow - Canadian History

May 04, 2013.  

For our May activity we started with a intro class on the Avro Arrow Wednesday evening and watched a couple videos on the First plane off the assembly line and it's initial flight  and one another on the demise. 

For the trip to the Springbank Airport we were able to see the 2/3 scale model under construction. Their X-Plane simulator used to test out structural changes was very impressive. They told us it takes 5 computers all running together to provide the real time displays we were watching. You could simulate system failures, bad weather, different locations (78GB global scenery), any time of day.... We tried it out, it's cool. The plane can take off in around 5 seconds from a standing stop.

We were shown the hi-tech building materials they were using to build the surface structures. One was Carbon fiber rods. 1 rod the diameter of 3mm. could hold 300kg. They indicated the Carbon fiber material, due to it's superior strength, was actually cheaper than the kevlar material they used. 

Got to see the older models there as well. The 1/8 scale radio controlled one was hanging from the ceiling. 



Avro Museum - Calgary
X-Plane - Simulation software

Team Members

Karl Burndorfer, John Sobkowicz - Scout Leaders
Ethan Conrad. R.J. Laigo, Michael Laigo, Hale Aquino, Seth Ek - Scouts
Arny Vanwieren - Engineer and Volunteer member of Museum

Photo Library 

DSCN1763.JPG (1827235 bytes) At the hanger _MG_4571.JPG (7901713 bytes) Lot of small planes around _MG_4572.JPG (8653793 bytes) Flight Control Tower
DSCN1764.JPG (1890343 bytes) How to build the Avro Arrow from the drawings DSCN1765.JPG (1590891 bytes) Some of the Kevlar fabric used to make surface parts. DSCN1766.JPG (1821770 bytes) Fuselage ready and waiting for wing components.   DSCN1772.JPG (1757307 bytes) Paul taking us through a typical takeoff. 
_MG_4573.JPG (6608161 bytes) Set the Airport, time of day, weather, current set of structural modifications... _MG_4574.JPG (6080451 bytes) Good to go, apply 80% thrust on the engines... _MG_4575.JPG (5746151 bytes) and set autopilot to take a few questions _MG_4576.JPG (6643523 bytes) This could teach me to be a pilot right?, You bet!
_MG_4577.JPG (7085667 bytes)That was cool. Now for a short historical movie. _MG_4578.JPG (6062512 bytes) Arny's in charge of the design and building of the landing gear.  _MG_4579.JPG (4960215 bytes) Here's the 1/8 scale model. It was used in a movie where a plane flew behind it working the Radio controls for it. _MG_4581.JPG (6754135 bytes) There's the fuselage for t he 2/3 scale model.  
DSCN1767.JPG (1819317 bytes) Checking out brother-in-laws place by English Bay, Vancouver. Do a low subsonic fly by.  DSCN1768.JPG (1813099 bytes) The first wing frame unit for structural stress testing. Made with Carbon Fiber beans. Should withstand g-forces 5 times what a human could.   DSCN1769.JPG (1796127 bytes) Movie corner. Get to watch the original test flight on the 6 different planes made. DSCN1771.JPG (1858283 bytes) Seth wants to be a fighter pilot!
DSCN1772.JPG (1757307 bytes) Showing one of the old timers how the simulator works. DSCN1773.JPG (1988605 bytes) Running around the hangers looking for planes to taxi by.