Avro Arrow - 2/3 Scale Model Reconstruction Project

July 13, 2010

Arny, a neighbor to Karl has long been a member of the volunteer group that makes up the team at the Avro Museum.  He invited us to come out to see the work they have do so far. We had been told works was progressing well with this 2/3 scale model. It was the be the 1st manned model they have build. 

They have a link to the project for any volunteers or interested parties

Team Members

Wayne Johnson, Karl Burndorfer, Joel Timms - YM Leaders
Connor Johnson, Nathan Bruce, Kyle Johnson  - Scouts
Felipe Cupido , Ben Burndorfer, Nathan Johnson - Venturers

Photo Library

IMG_0820.JPG (2696952 bytes) Getting the history of the project. 2010-08-24 Rollout 02.jpg (72366 bytes) The turbine ducts  2010-03-25 Turbine Duct Installation.jpg (83149 bytes) Some key components of the fuselage.  Airshow 28c.jpg (95928 bytes) The Cockpit