Avalanche Rescue - Maple Ridge Golf Course

January 8 & 13, 2013, Our boys put on a Rescue training activity for 2 other groups.

Spend Saturday laying out the course and testing the avalanche beacons. 

Wednesday evening we provided a quick classroom training and then out to the fields for some real training. Weather turned just after the setup was done. Got a major dumping of snow that provided a realistic feel to our rescue event.


Staked area map
Individual's instructions

Tem Members

Karl Burndorfer, John Sobkowicz, Jonathan Lang ... - Scout Leaders
William Lloyd, Felipe Cupido,  Ethan Conrad. - Scouts setup team
Sam Lloyd, Daniel Urquijo and a bunch of other guys with their leaders. 

Photo Library 

WereYourAvallancheTrainers.JPG (1819022 bytes) We're Your Avalanche Trainers. YouCanTrustUs.JPG (1840705 bytes) You can trust us!  PullingOutNeededEquipment.JPG (1741967 bytes) We only use the official equipment, then we fully test everything. Pnt0DefinitelyFrozen.JPG (1829454 bytes) Definitely Frozen!
Pnt0GPSLockedin.JPG (1781986 bytes) Lock in the GPS reading Pnt1StakeBeaconTest.JPG (1806535 bytes) Point 1 Stake location Pnt1DistanceCheck.JPG (1887814 bytes) GPS  Distance check Pnt1Stash.JPG (1779735 bytes) Point 1 stash area
Pnt2Stake.JPG (1797967 bytes) Point 2 Stake location Pnt3Stake.JPG (1785637 bytes) Point 3 Stake location Pnt3Stash.JPG (1884093 bytes) Point 3 Stash area Pnt4TripToFind.JPG (1805082 bytes) Looking for Point 4
Pnt4Stake.JPG (1844107 bytes) Point 4 Stake location Pnt4Stash.JPG (1831280 bytes) Point 4 Stash area Pnt5Stake.JPG (1843055 bytes) Point 5 Stake location Pnt6Stake.JPG (1812139 bytes) Point 6 Stake location
Pnt6Stash.JPG (1860299 bytes) Point 6 Stash area 1 Pnt6StashOpt2.JPG (1825405 bytes) Point 6 Stash area 2 Pnt6StashOpt3.JPG (1805930 bytes) Point 6 Stash area 3 Pnt7RestSpot.JPG (1822463 bytes) Point 7 Rest spot
Pnt7Stake.JPG (1861126 bytes) Point 7 Stake location Pnt7StachOpt1.JPG (1798009 bytes) Point 7 Stash area 1 Pnt7StashOpt2.JPG (1823196 bytes) Point 7 Stash area 2 Pnt7Stake2.JPG (1850186 bytes) Point 7 Stake location close up
After a hard day in the fields the boys take in some needed sustenance.      
BaconWrapWinnies.JPG (1828360 bytes)  Bacon wrapped wiennies, hmmm. HeathyFriut.JPG (1851869 bytes) Cookies, fruits and chocolates Dog entertainment provided by Sam and Dexter. Bang! and Bite Mr. Spot  
The Event - and the pending blizzard      
_MG_2923.JPG (5235752 bytes) Ok, its dark and the snow flakes are really big, and there's lots of them.  _MG_2924.JPG (5637981 bytes) To the rescue boys... _MG_2925.JPG (4345020 bytes) I'll go  this way... _MG_2926.JPG (5122159 bytes) I'll go the other
_MG_2927.JPG (5053190 bytes) So am I getting close? I should know, I set out the course.  _MG_2928.JPG (4766010 bytes) I got a good feeling about this spot.  _MG_2929.JPG (5223013 bytes) Forman out to help motivate the search party.  _MG_2930.JPG (3919502 bytes) Yes, you look under the snow.
_MG_2931.JPG (4971871 bytes) It's pointing this way, No, you're wrong, it's pointing that way. _MG_2932.JPG (5603854 bytes) Is it a bad thing if we get lost? _MG_2933.JPG (10507129 bytes) OK there must be someone in here,  _MG_2934.JPG (6946852 bytes) The beacons can't lie, right? It's says he's right here. 
_MG_2936.JPG (6799602 bytes) The teams is fighting there way up hill, against the wind, while being bombarded with golf ball sized snow flakes.  _MG_2938.JPG (6922613 bytes) Formen are pleased with the progress, but one man was left behind... _MG_2939.JPG (6296149 bytes)  Nobody taking a break here... _MG_2940.JPG (5689550 bytes) Oh, it's quitting time. Can we break the union rules and save this one last guy?
_MG_2942.JPG (5578964 bytes) Just swept the snow off this casualty, there, good as new.  _MG_2941.JPG (6391511 bytes) Do you think we should warm him up? _MG_2943.JPG (6518451 bytes) We'll all shine our flashlights on him, that should do the trick! Well, 1 out of 7 is not a total loss. 
_MG_2944.JPG (6262006 bytes) Forget the victims, I need to warm up. Hot chocolate really hits the cold spot. _MG_2945.JPG (6177622 bytes) The snow was sooo deep where we were. That's nothing we were in the middle of the Deerfoot dodging cars looking for our guy.   _MG_2946.JPG (6084746 bytes) After a 4 liters of extremely scalding hot chocolate, I can't feel my tongue. _MG_2947.JPG (5996633 bytes) Starting to feel my ears again. What a rescue!