Assiniboine Pass - 60 km Hike

July 21 - 26, 2003

By Paul McBride:

We and no open fires.
All garbage we brought in we took out, plus some  that we found along the way.
The only matches that we lit were for the stoves.
Disposed of grey water appropriately.
We left nature  the way it was when we got there.
We hiked in all our food and hiked out all our garbage.
Stayed on all the designated trails and didn't disturb the wildlife.
Obeyed all the Park rules, like no fires and no fishing.
Used only biodegradable soap.
Used candles instead of campfires.

On our Hike we went to Assiniboine Pass. It was nice and green, but a week after we got there the huge forest fire went through there and I am grateful that we were not there during the fires and I am sure someone was looking out for us.