Acadia Community Garden - Raspberry Planting

June 13, 2018

Nothing like planting for  the future. Next year visitors to the Acadia Community Garden will be able to munch on sweet yellow raspberries.  

Boys were looking for a service opportunity and one that helped the community. This was a great pick.  The Garden & Art Society ( welcomed our service, and helped us get things setup. Mary Crutcher, our resident Cub and garden expert, also came out to provide horticultural guidance. Our old Leader Matt Whitely saw able to provide us with 15 large pails from his painting business to help up transport the plants. It was great to have everyone pitching in and getting this all together. 

Thanks to Stephanie, Joanne, Laurie from the society for setting things up and helping us plant. 

Team Members

Ashton, RJ, Michael, Josh, Evan, Jeff, Langdon,  - Scouts

Todd, James, Karl, Mary - Leaders

Photo Library

The source of the raspberries was from the back yard. The base crew had to dig them up and put them into pails  20180607_080621.jpg (5766454 bytes) Here's what a hedge of raspberries should look like next year.  20180607_080513.jpg (6564433 bytes)
20180613_201318.jpg (3215868 bytes) Base crew getting experimental with the floats. Interesting tri-layer drink here.  20180613_201542.jpg (3704956 bytes) I can taste all 3 flavors separately. Cool.   20180613_201546.jpg (3056143 bytes) The crew has to wait for the transport guy to come back with more pails 20180613_201959.jpg (4137000 bytes) It's a tough job waiting.
Joining up with the Planting crew      
20180613_204523.jpg (4184005 bytes) Catching up with the other crew just in time for refreshments again.  20180613_204528.jpg (4260141 bytes) 20180613_204546.jpg (4983028 bytes) Group shot of the completed project 20180613_204551.jpg (5441897 bytes) Nice job fellows. 
20180613_204554.jpg (5614477 bytes) 20180613_204556.jpg (5377212 bytes) James our PR guy ensures were all good with the community folks.  20180613_204609.jpg (3925171 bytes) Hauling a nice bushy plant home for the personal home garden project. 20180613_204636.jpg (5107154 bytes) 
Our Thank-you note from the society. They are so thoughtful.