created and copyright by Judy Harcus      
This 'program' was created for the use of Canadian Scout leaders. It will assist leaders to convert badges requirements that were earned under the old badge system to the new badge system - quickly and easily (and hopefully accurately).      
This 'program' is freeware. It is free to all Canadian Scout leaders and nobody should be charging you for this program (other than the cost of the disk, if distributed on disk).      
I have tried to be as accurate as possible with these conversions, including consulting with Ian Mitchell at Scouts Canada's National Program office (Thanks Ian!). Don't blame Ian for the mistakes.      
They're all mine. There are cases where national was looking at 'whole badge' equivalencies so I had to apply my own interpretation to match individual requirements.      
I do not guarantee that this program is perfect and suggest that all leaders review the converted sheets and make any adjustments that they see a need for.      
Please note that a few requirements do not appear to match properly. The reason is that some requirements are considered to meet the 'purpose' of the requirement, if not the specifics.      
Leaders will also need to review the new requirements to determine if the youth have already met additional requirements that were not recorded under the old program.      
I do not take any responsibility if this program does not work as you expected, if it does not run properly on your computer, if it makes the Canadian dollar drop to less than 50 US, if it causes some worldwide disaster, etc.      
In other words: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!      
You will find four 'sheet tabs' at the bottom on the screen.      
* The 'Instructions' tab brings up this sheet.      
* The 'Old Program' tab brings up a sheet similar to a Scout record sheet where you enter all the existing requirements for a youth.      
* The 'New Program' tab brings up a sheet which you can print out with a record sheet for the new program with all the corresponding requirements marked for you. Print this sheet.      
* The 'Formulas' tab brings up an information sheet which will explain the logic which I used to convert from the old requirements to the new.      
You can only process one youth's records at a time. Enter the old program data for one youth then print out the new program report (you may also want to print the old program sheet for reference).      
Next delete the old program information and enter the information for the next youth, etc. (If you want to save the file with the youth's data first, just save the file with a new filename for each youth.)      
Except for those cells where you are expected to enter information, the cells of the sheets have been 'locked' so that you can not accidently wipe out formatting or formulas.      
I have not password protected the sheet so that if you wish to unlock it and make changes - feel free to do so. Just don't complain to me if you mess it up!      
Note: you may wish to print out this sheet to refer to as you work.      
Step 1: Enter Old Program Information      
a) Locate either the leader's record sheets or the youth's Scout Handbooks;      
b) Click on the 'Old Program' tab to select that sheet;      
c) Enter the name of the youth and the troop in the appropriately marked boxes;      
d) Enter the badge requirements the youth has completed by putting an 'x' in the appropriate box:      
(Note: this will ONLY work if you put an 'x' in the boxes!)      
> if the youth has completed the entire badge, put an 'x' in the blue box (you don't need to fill in the individual requirements except where indicated);      
> if the youth has only completed some of the requirements, 'x' the individual requirements;      
e) if you wish a copy of what you entered, print out this sheet (3 pages).      
Step 2: Print the New Program Information      
a) Click on the 'New Program' tab to select that sheet;      
b) Review the requirements for the boxes marked in red. These indicates requirements which have no corresponding requirements in the old program, but the youth may still have completed them.      
Note: the Spiritual requirements for the new Personal Development badges will be credited if the youth has completed their Religion-in-Life and this will be marked under the 'EQ' label. However,      
many youth may have met some or all of these requirements without earning their Religion-in-Life, and these can be marked in the red boxes.      
b) Print the sheet (3 pages).      
The sheet should print with the youth's name and troop at the top, followed by a list of the new program badge requirements with 'x's to mark those requirements that have been completed.      
Wasn't that easy!      
Step 3: Clear out the previous youth's data and start again.      
a) Make sure you are truly finished with this youth's records. If you want to keep the record, use 'Save As' to save a copy of the file with an identifiable name. Save under a different filename for each youth.      
b) Press CTRL-E (hold down the CTRL key and press 'E')      
This will automatically run a special macro routine to erase all the data entered on the Old Program sheet plus any 'extra' requirements you entered in the red boxes on the New Program sheet. When done, it will place you ready to start the next youth.      
I hope you find this program useful. Comments and suggestions can be sent to me via email at or via snailmail to Judy Harcus, PO Box 110, Lund, BC V0N 2G0      
Please note that I am unlikely to make many changes after this is initially released due to the short time that this program will be of use. - Judy Harcus