The following is a list of the New Badges and how I decided what carried over from the Old Program.  The Activity and Challenge Badges are listed first, then any misc. ones.
New Badge Voyageur Req't # Old Badge Old Level Old Bdg Req't # Pathfinder Req't # Old Badge Old Level Old Bdg Req't #
Citizenship   1 Citizen Silver 6   1 Citizen Silver 1
    2 Citizen Silver 2b   2 Citizen Silver 3 or 4a
    3 Citizen Bronze 2b   3 Citizen Gold 3a+c+d+e
    4 Citizen Bronze 3a or 3b   4 Citizen Silver 4b
    5 Citizen Bronze 4   5a Citizen Gold 2a
    6 Citizen Bronze 1b+c   5b Citizen Gold 2b
    7a Citizen Bronze 1a   5c Citizen Gold 2c
    7b Citizen Bronze 1d   5d Citizen Gold 2f
    7c Citizen Bronze 4   5e Citizen Gold 2g
    8 Investment 4   6a Citizen Gold 4a
      6b Citizen Gold 4b
      6c Citizen Gold 4c
      7 Citizen Gold 7
              8 Citizen Gold 5a or 5b
Leadership   1 Arrowhead Bronze 3a   1 Arrowhead Silver 2a+b+c
    2 Arrowhead Bronze 2a   2 Arrowhead Silver 3
    3 Arrowhead Silver 2a+b+c   3 Arrowhead Gold 3
    4 Arrowhead Bronze 1a+b+e   4 Arrowhead Gold 2a
    5 Arrowhead Bronze 3a+b   5 Arrowhead Gold 2b or 2c
    6 Arrowhead Bronze 1d    
    7 Arrowhead Bronze 3a+b    
    or Safety Gold 3f          
Personal   Spiritual   Spiritual  
Developm't   Equivalent Religion-in-Life   Equivalent Religion-in-Life  
    1 NO MATCH   1 NO MATCH  
    2 NO MATCH   2 NO MATCH  
    3 NO MATCH              
    Social   Social  
    1 Citizen Bronze 5a   1 NO MATCH  
    2 Citizen Bronze 5a   2 Fitness Bronze 1a+b
    3 Citizen Bronze 5b   3 Fitness Silver 1 + 3
    4 Citizen Bronze 5c   4 NO MATCH  
      5 Fitness Silver 2
              or Citizen Silver 5c
    Intellectual   Intellectual  
    1 NO MATCH   1a NO MATCH  
    2 NO MATCH   1b NO MATCH  
    3 NO MATCH              
    Physical   Physical  
    1a Fitness Bronze 1a   1 First Aid Silver completed
    1b Fitness Bronze 1b   2a First Aid Silver completed
    1c Fitness Bronze 1c   2b First Aid Bronze 2a
    1d Fitness Bronze 1e   2c First Aid Bronze 1a
    1e Fitness Bronze 1d   2d First Aid Bronze 1c
    2 Fitness Bronze 2   2e First Aid Bronze 1d
    3 Fitness Bronze 3   2f First Aid Bronze 2b
    4 Fitness Bronze 4   2g First Aid Bronze 3c+d
    5a Fitness Bronze 5a   2h First Aid Bronze 3e
    5b Fitness Bronze 5b   2i First Aid Silver completed
    5c Fitness Bronze 5c    
    5d Fitness Bronze 5d    
    5e Fitness Bronze 5e    
    5f Fitness Bronze 5f    
    6 Fitness Bronze completed          
Outdoor   1 Campcraft Silver 1   1 Campcraft Gold 1
Skills   2 Exploring Silver 1   + Exploring Silver 1
    3 Exploring Bronze 3d   2a Exploring Gold 1
    4 Exploring Silver 2   2b Exploring Gold 1
    5 BP Wood 4   or Winter Sctg Bronze 3
    6 BP Wood 2   3 Exploring Gold completed
    7a Exploring Silver 4c   or (Exploring Silver 3
    7b Exploring Bronze 3b   + Voyageur Outdoor Skills 8)
    7c Safety Bronze 4   4 Campcraft Silver 2a
    or Exploring Silver completed   5 Campcraft Gold 2c
    7d Exploring Silver 4b   6 NO MATCH  
    or Safety Bronze 4   7 Campcraft Gold 4a
    8 (Campcraft Silver 6a   8 Exploring Gold 2
    or Safety) Bronze 8   9 Exploring Gold 5a
    + (Campcraft Bronze 8   or Naturalist 2
    or Safety) Bronze 5b   10 Exploring Gold 5a
    9a BP Wood 9a   or Naturalist 2
    9b BP Wood 8   11 Exploring Gold 5a
    9c Exploring Silver 5b   or Naturalist 2
    10 NO MATCH   12 Campcraft Silver 3a
    11 NO MATCH   13 NO MATCH  
    12 Campcraft Bronze 5b   14 Campcraft Gold completed
    13 Campcraft Bronze 5c    
    14 Exploring Bronze 3c    
    15 Campcraft Silver 3a    
    or Safety Bronze 7    
    16 BP Wood   6          
Category New Badge Old Badge Old Level Old Bdg Req't # New Badge Old Badge Old Level Old Bdg Req't #
Outdoors Pioneering NO MATCH   Paddling  
    complete Paddling Silver completed
  Exploring SF 1 Paddling Bronze 1a
    1 NO MATCH   2 Paddling Bronze 3c
    2 Exploring Silver 5a+b   3 Paddling Bronze 1b
    3 NO MATCH   4 Paddling Bronze 8
    4 NO MATCH       5 Paddling Silver 5
    KN 1 Paddling Bronze 5a
  Winter Sct   2 Paddling Bronze 6a
  complete Winter Sct Silver completed   3a Paddling Bronze 2a
    1 Winter Sct Bronze 3   3b Paddling Bronze 2a
    + Winter Sct Silver 3   3c Paddling Bronze 2a
    2 Winter Sct Silver 2b   3d Paddling Bronze 2c
    3 Winter Sct Bronze 1c+e+f   4 Paddling Bronze 4a
    +h+i SK 1 Paddling Bronze 10h
    4 Winter Sct Bronze 2   2 Paddling Bronze 7b
    5 Winter Sct Silver 2a+e   3 Paddling Bronze 9d
    6 Winter Sct Bronze 4c   4 Paddling Bronze 9a
    7a Winter Sct Bronze 1a   5 NO MATCH  
    7b Winter Sct Bronze 1b   6 Paddling Silver 10a+b+c
    7c Winter Sct Bronze 1c    
    7d Winter Sct Bronze 1d Sailing  
    7e Winter Sct Bronze 1e complete Sailing Silver completed
    7f Winter Sct Bronze 1f   1a Sailing Bronze 1a
    7g Winter Sct Bronze 1g   1b Sailing Bronze 1b
    7h Winter Sct Bronze 1h   1c Sailing Bronze 1c
    7i Winter Sct Bronze 1i   1d Sailing Bronze 1d
    1e Sailing Bronze 1e
  Weather NO MATCH     2 Sailing Bronze 2c
      3 Sailing Bronze 3a
  Adv.Tripping   4a Sailing Bronze 4a
    1 NO MATCH   + Sailing Silver 3
    2 NO MATCH   4b Sailing Bronze 4b
    3 NO MATCH   4c Sailing Bronze 4c
    4 NO MATCH   5a Sailing Bronze 5a
    5 Old or New Silver   5b NO MATCH  
    6 NO MATCH   6a Sailing Bronze 6a
    7 NO MATCH   6b Sailing Bronze 6b
    8 NO MATCH   7a Sailing Bronze 7a
    note: skills should be at a high level   7b Sailing Bronze 7b
      7c Sailing Silver 5b
  Powercraft   7d NO MATCH  
  complete Powercraft Silver completed   8a Sailing Bronze 8a
      8b Sailing Bronze 8b
  Water Trip NO MATCH   8c Sailing Bronze 8c
    note: skills should be at a high level   8d Sailing Bronze 8d
      8e Sailing Bronze 8e
  WhiteWater NO MATCH   9a Sailing Bronze 9a
    note: skills should be at a high level   9b Sailing Bronze 9b
      9c Sailing Bronze 9g
  Also counted in this Category:    
Environm't Naturalist Forestry  
  complete Naturalist completed   1 Conservat'n Sect. B 2a
    1 Naturalist 1   2 Conservat'n Sect. B 2b
    2 Naturalist 2   3 Conservat'n Sect. C 2a
    3 Naturalist   3    
    Recycling NO MATCH  
  Fish & Wildlife    
    1 Conservat'n Sect. B 1a Agriculture  
    2 Conservat'n Sect. B 1a complete Music   completed
    3 Conservat'n Sect. C 1a    
  Soil & Water   1 Horticulture 1
    1 Conservat'n Sect. B 3a   2a Horticulture 2a
    + Conservat'n Sect. B 4a or 4b   3 Horticulture   3
    2 Conservat'n Sect. A 3a    
    3 Conservat'n Sect. A 4a or 4b          
Science & Engineering Computer  
Technology complete Engineering   completed complete Computer completed
    KN 1a Computer Part A 1
  Science   1b NO MATCH  
  complete Science   completed   1c Computer Part A 2
      1d-h NO MATCH  
      2-3 NO MATCH  
      4 Computer Part C 1
    PF 1-7 NO MATCH  
    IN 1a Computer Part B 1
      1b Computer Part B 2
      2 Computer Part C 1
            ET 1-2 NO MATCH    
Personal Collector Life Saving  
Developm't complete Collector   completed complete Life Saving Silver completed
      1 Life Saving Silver completed
  Communicator   2a Life Saving Silver 12
  complete Communicator completed   2b Life Saving Bronze 4a+b+c+d
      2c NO MATCH  
  Lang. Strip   2d NO MATCH  
  complete Lang. Strip   completed   2e Life Saving Silver 5
      2f Life Saving Bronze 7
  First Aid   2g Life Saving Bronze 8a
  complete First Aid Gold completed   2h Life Saving Silver 8
      2i Life Saving Silver 10
  Ind. Specialty   2j Life Saving Silver 10
  complete Ind. Specialty completed   2k NO MATCH  
      2l Life Saving Silver 12
  Troop Specialty   2m Life Saving Silver 14
  complete Troop Specialty completed          
Culture & Artist Handicraft  
Society complete Artist   completed complete Handicraft   completed
  Literary Arts Spec. Needs NO MATCH  
  complete Arts   completed    
  Perf. Arts complete Modeller   completed
  complete Entertainer   completed    
  Cult.Aware NO MATCH   complete Heritage completed
      1 Heritage 1
  Music   2 Heritage 2
  complete Music   completed   3 Heritage 3
      4 Heritage 4
  Photography   5 Heritage   5
  complete Photography   completed          
Athletics Team Sport Swimming  
  complete Team Sport   completed   1 Swimming Silver completed
      2a Swimming Silver 7
  Ind. Sport   2b Swimming Bronze 6a
  complete Sports   completed   2c Swimming Bronze 6b
      2d Swimming Silver 8c
  Winter Sp.   2e Swimming Silver 8d
  complete Winter Sport   completed   2f Swimming Gold 9e
      2g NO MATCH  
  Water Sp.   2h Swimming Gold 10
  complete Water Sport   completed          
Home & Home Rep. Fam.Care  
Family complete Home Repair completed complete Family Care   completed
  Builder Pet Care  
  complete Builder   completed complete Pet Care   completed
  Cooking Safety  
  complete Cooking completed complete Safety Gold completed
    1a Cooking 1a   1 Safety Bronze 11
    1b Cooking 1b   2 Safety Gold 3d+e
    1c Cooking 1c   3 NO MATCH  
    2 Cooking 2   4 Safety Gold 3f
    3 Cooking 3   5 Safety Silver 4b
    4 Cooking 4   + Safety Gold 3g
    5 Cooking 6   6 Safety Gold 4a+b
    6 Cooking   5   7 Safety Silver 1a
      8 Safety Bronze 4
  Also counted in this Category:   9 Safety Bronze 4
    Public Health    
Misc. Investment Year Round Camper (each season)
  complete Investment completed complete YR Camper complete
    1 Investment 1   1 YR Camper A
    2 Investment 2   2 YR Camper B
    3 Investment 3   3 YR Camper C
    4 NO MATCH       4 YR Camper   D
  World Conservation Duke of Edinburgh  
  complete World Cons. completed complete Duke of Ed   complete
    1 World Cons. 1    
    or two of Environment completed Religion-in-Life  
    2 World Cons. 2 complete Religion-In-Life complete
    3 NO MATCH        
  Chief Scout's Award    
  Voyageur & Pathfinder Awards    
  Challenge Lanyards    
    all are calculated on new requirements